Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Can anybody really sleep the night before Thanksgiving???

Sorry for the corny title. Today was another one of those quiet days. I'm still plugging away with working on the dressing everyone's on Charlotte's shelf project, and I'm quite stuck. I have several ideas for several of the people, but with others... total brick wall. There's just so many personalities to think about. As well as body types. I'm also having trouble getting inspired to make anything. I'll find a picture that I like, but the more I think about it the less I like, so there's no need to make a project that I don't even care for at the start of it. Those rarely work out... ever. I'm sure I'll find something eventually, but each day it's closer to the Christmas deadline (funny is, it's not even Thanksgiving yet).

I did do some baking today. Is it called baking when you don't actually bake anything? I did some hardcore mixing today? I found this recipe the other day for Cheesecake Mousse, and really wanted to make it. It's just that some of the ingredients proved to be a little more elusive. Mainly the cool whip, but I think that's because of the upcoming Holiday. My dad went to several stores just to find it. He's a champ like that. So I was able to make it today, and let me tell you, it's super easy to make. I will point out that when I was mixing the cream cheese with the beater it all globbed into the beaters. But that was the only real issue that I had, and that was very minor. It really tastes very cheesecake-y. I do plan on making this again. And next time I'll do a better time of mixing it. I noticed a few spots where the cream cheese hadn't been mixes as well as it should have. Very minor, but now I know. Another great think about this recipe is that it easily can be made sugar free, which is great since my Grandfather is diabetic and I know he likes cheesecake. I'll have to make some for when they visit next April. Oh! Also, when you make it, it's actually a pale off-white color. I ended up coloring it yellow to make it look a little more cheesecake looking. I figured people might like it better if it looked more like actual cheesecake. Not sure if that helped, but people seemed to like it. Gonna add that to my cooking arsenal.

I also did some more research on Joe's new body. I have a body that I like, I've done enough research to believe that it will work with Joe's head, and I know a place where to get it. I just need to raise the funds to get it. I've also been looking on E-bay for a better price especially since the figure I'm buying has a head and neck, and I don't want or need either of those. It might be cheaper to buy a headless figure off E-bay. Either way, I might end up asking for it for Christmas, since I don't have anything I really "want" at the moment.

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