Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A final Domo update...

I forgot to update you on those Domos.
I ended up giving them to my sister and her fiance on Wednesday after the rehearsal dinner, I just couldn't wait too long to give them to them. And they were a big hit! My sister loved them, and her fiancee didn't say anything. I think he liked them, but didn't say anything. He's a quiet type. A couple of people were a little weird-ed out by them since they're not familiar with Domos. My sister's and her fiancee's best man kept commenting on how Domos shouldn't have boobs. It got old quick, although his entire "put upon know it all" bit got tired pretty fast. But he's annoying in general, I'm glad I don't have to deal with him often.
But my sister did mention that she never saw Domos like these before and I got to tell her that they are unique, just for her. And say that I made everything that they were wearing and even drafted the patterns. (Fine, I was bragging, but I think I deserved to.) But I did feel a little bad, after my sister opened my present her bridesmaid gave them a present. She had made them each some origami. I can't remember what she made for my sister, but she made a dolphin for her fiance. It was very sweet, and took a lot of work, but my present kind of out-shadowed her present. And I did feel bad about that, she was super sweet.
But my sister liked my present so much that she put them both at the present table at the reception. So everyone got to see my hard work. Although it was dark in the room, and away from everyone, so I doubt many people saw them, but the option was there!
Hate those Domos, but it was still... sort of worth it!

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