Sunday, November 27, 2011

First day after Black Friday I dare go out...........

Got a chance to go out shopping today. Unusually on a Sunday, but we needed some things for the upcoming week, and my Dad was working tomorrow night, so it was either get it Sunday, or wait until Wednesday. I tagged along even though I don't have anything I really need. Checked out the Goodwill, the only second hand store open, and didn't see anything I wanted. They had a pink Barbie horse there that I left. I've been thinking about getting a Barbie horse when I found one, but I don't need a pink one. A regular color one would be just fine. I also ended up at Walmart. I know, I know, I said I wasn't going to shop there anymore, but I still have that darn gift card. I certainly going to spend the money that's on it after all the work that went into getting it. I was hoping that since it was the start of the Christmas shopping season (officially) they might have gotten some new Ken fashions in stock... but no luck. They had a lot of the newest Fashionista dolls, but no Ken clothes. I did manage to pick up a sheet of snaps there. My last sheet's been running low, and last time I tried to get some, they were sold out. Hopefully these last me for a while. (I doubt it.) We only purchased about six things at Walmart, most of those were one time purchases. We've made some decent strides on weaning ourselves off Walmart. I'd say that after the gift card is done we'll have stopped shopping there. So I can make good on my threats. I also hit up the dollar store while I was out. I'm in need of a small nutcracker. I've been looking for one for a bit, but haven't found the right one. All the ones I've seen have been too tall. They had some that were... Skipper sized. Not the size I want, but it's good to know they have something. If I can't find what I'm looking for elsewhere I can buy one there and make do, since it'll only set me back a dollar. I didn't bother getting one there today since they had a lot and don't expect them to run out any time soon.
At home I was still basking in the high that came with making Midge's dress. Since I really I liked this pattern, I decided that I wanted to make it again. Just this time I wanted to make it in fabrics that were a bit more year round appropriate. I looked through my fabric stash, and couldn't find anything that I liked. Then I remembered something that I brought from Connecticut. While I was up there in my Grandparent's attic I found a bag of linens and things that had belonged to my Great-Grandmother (My Grandmother's mother). I let my Grandmother sort through it. She kept several of the things, but lots of them she didn't want because they were torn, she didn't have a use for them, or just didn't want them period. After she was done I asked if I could take some of the throw away stuff. I figured I could use some of it. One of the things was a house coat. It had several tears and rips in the fabric, and couldn't be saved, but it was a really cute flowered fabric. I figured that I could use it for one of my projects. That was today.
I believe it's some sort of cotton fabric... but don't quote me on that. It's very thin, and somewhat slick. It also wrinkles very easily, but that might be from the fact that it was balled up in an attic since 1984. I ended up trying to use the iron again in order to make the fabric somewhat usable. Turns out if you angle the cord just right the iron will work. So I can eek out a few more uses from it before I get a new one.
After I ironed it I cut it out using the pattern pieces. Annoyingly since it's so slick the fabric shifted while I was cutting it and I ended up with a warped piece. I tried making it, but the fit was terrible, so I threw that out, and started again, making sure that the fabric didn't move at all when I was cutting it out. This one came out much better. I was able to get the entire thing sewed on the machine before my next issue. It's actually a bit too big. I guess I was a little to cautious when I was sewing the seam allowances and made them too small. So I had some extra fabric in the back to deal with. Quite honestly, at that point I was ready for a break, so I stopped for the day. I'll get back to it eventually.

I promise.

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