Thursday, November 17, 2011

Good News Everyone!

Today my dad was able to return the Walmart stuff and get the usual store credit!
He walked into their store with our items and a printed off version of their own return policy from their website. And they still gave him a hard time!
At first they were going to do the new deal where you can only shop where your return was originally from, but he insisted that they honor the agreement that was on their website. They even went as far as to tell him that was the old policy and the new one isn't up yet. How illegal does that sound? We haven't updated our official website to say this, but we're going to hold you to it. They kept calling people up higher on the corporate food chain until he was told they were waiting for a manager to show up and talk to him. He waited for about ten minutes (no doubt trying to make him sweat and take the new policy), but he waited and eventually they just gave him the returns like they should have.
I wonder if this policy is something new they're trying out at certain stores to see how well it goes over. That would explain why there's no mention of it online and how the official website doesn't mention it. This way they can see how people respond to this new policy before they make an official switch. Quite honestly, if they think people are going to take this lightly, they've got another think coming. I really think this would do a lot of damage to their business. It's already done it to my desire to shop with them. After I use up my portion of the gift card I'm going to try everything in my power to avoid shopping with them.
They don't deserve my patronage!
(If only they weren't the only game in town)

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  1. That return policy is ridiculous, and I've never heard of such a thing. At all the ones I've gone to, the door greeter does whatever voodoo he/she does to the item and receipt if you have it, you take the mess to Customer Service, and they give you cash if they can, a gift card if they can't (no receipt) or you ask for one. None of this 'stay in the department the original POS was purchased in' junk. That's the whole purpose of the gift card, to streamline things. Imagine getting back in line each time for each department ! Idiocy.

    I'm glad your Dad stuck it out, and the Domos ruled !