Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to Me (and my family)

Like I said yesterday, today was our Thanksgiving. I was downstairs at ten this morning preparing the turkey before putting it into the oven. I could count the number of times I've made a turkey on one hand, so I did some research beforehand about making a moist turkey. I was trying out some of the techniques that I had learned online this morning. (It's showtime!) One of them was putting some butter on the breast between the skin and the meat. You have to ease the skin and breast apart by hand and really get your hand up and in there. Doing that was both cool and creepy. It spread easily, but the turkey's skin really clung to your hand. It was like wearing a glove made from turkey skin. Rather eerie, luckily I only have to do something like this twice a year.
After the turkey was in the oven and cooking, I had some free time on my hands. I also had some turkey juice, so after a extreme hand wash, I sat down to work on some sewing. You might remember yesterday when I worked out a draft of the vintage Barbie "Let's Dance" pattern. I had an idea of using that pattern on a vintage doll in the collection, as well as one of the dolls on Charlotte's shelf for Chrismas. Specifically Re-rooted Midge. I've been having trouble with her because she's built like Barbie, but I've always thought her personality was a bit more youthful. Barbie's a bit more bold with her looks than Midge is. So I was having trouble with making a dress that was both attractive, yet Midge appropriate. This would be a perfect solution for that. It's a pretty fitted dress, that doesn't draw your focus straight to her chest. (Boom, Merry Christmas). I was going to use some candy cane fabric that I had gotten in a lot of fabric a while ago. I could finally use it, and I was going to be sure that I did, I wasn't going to hold onto it until next Christmas. For the contrasting bodice sash I was going to use some of that red velvet I got last year. (I've been using a lot of that lately, but more about that later.) I got a decent start on the bodice done before I had to stop for making the rest of dinner.
We got to sit down to eat at two (like we planned). We had a table set with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, rolls, and cranberry sauce. I had personally made or helped make everything on the table except for the stuffing. I also made another batch of cheesecake mousse for after dinner, but that wasn't out yet. And let me tell you, it was a lot of work, but it was all very good. The turkey ended up pretty moist, but I learned a couple things later today that I want to try for Christmas' Bird. Life's always a learning experience like that.
After Thanksgiving was all done and the leftovers stored in the fridge, I was able to get back to the dress. I managed to get all of the machine sewing done before I called it quits. Like usual you don't get to see the final look yet, but when I finish it you will. I will tease you by telling you that it's really cute.
Like really cute.


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