Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Just don't wish the same to me just yet. I'm abstaining from celebrating this year... until tomorrow. The reason is purely logical. My dad's work schedule had him working last night and tonight, so we decided to hold off our Thanksgiving celebrations for another day so he could actually enjoy the meal compared to being tired and having to deal with working that night. It's not that big of a deal pushing it back one day, it's just the four of us this year, and it's not like the rest of us have anything to do on Friday. The past couple of years we've been doing a lot of Holiday rescheduling. At this point it's become it's own tradition. Last year we didn't even have Christmas until several weeks after the actual Christmas day. Hopefully we don't have to do that again, I like my presents on time.
So today was a normal day for us, although with a lot more interesting TV on, but I will say I turned off the parade after a few minutes. It just felt rather boring, I guess I need more excitement in my parades, or maybe just something a little faster. Today I was able to catch up on my blog posts. I've been a few days behind so it was nice to get caught up. I always feel so uneasy when I'm behind and I both obsess and avoid working on it, so it's better to just get it all squared away.
Other than that I just putzed around. Not a whole lot on the sewing agenda at the moment. Everything is still in the planning phase, or worse. I'm still more than a little stuck on the dolls that I've gotten recently (and some not so recently). I did manage to go through and fix the dolls on the bookshelf though. Several of them had fallen over, or were learning against someone so I went and straightened everyone. Some of them will fall over again, ideally I need more stands to keep everyone upright, but that's not going to happen anytime soon. But at least it looks good for now. I was also able to clear off all the excess stuff that collected on the bookcase. I have a nasty habit of putting things down anywhere there's a flat surface, even on the bookcase. Several of the undressed dolls have been hanging out there too. I tried boxing them up, but that lasted less than a day. Instead they were scattered over the bookcase. Today I compiled them into one spot, Charlotte's Shelf. There's six dolls sitting in front, waiting for me to get to them. One of them is Joe, and he's just in-between clothes. I'll get to them... eventually. Or get tired of seeing them on the shelf and stick them back into the box.
But I did do some sewing today too! I've been looking at a Barbie pattern online, but couldn't afford it. I knew the basic shapes of the pattern pieces, so I thought I'd give it a go in making my own version of the pattern. It's the pattern to vintage Barbie's "Let's Dance" outfit. The shapes were pretty decent from the first go, but the sizing was off. It fit Charlotte, barely, but was going to be a no go on vintage dolls. I ended up resizing it 115 percent. I also added some length to the bottom. I managed to make a passable muslin before retiring to bed. Maybe tomorrow I'll get to start something from it!
We'll see...

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