Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's like you could actually feel the time ticking away...

Today was the final day for me to work on those Domos. Still even with the knowledge that after today all my time was going to spent making Christmas baskets I still stalled and avoided working on them until after lunch. The reason, I just plain hate them. After lunch I knew I couldn't avoid it any longer, not if I wanted to get them done today. So I started to work. I needed to add the collar to the jacket. And it was terrible. Adding a collar messed up the sleeves, and gave me some weird bunching. It was just not a good look. But I muscled through to finish it. I'm not terrible proud of either of them. All I see when I look at them is every screwed up stitch or ill-fitting garment. Why did I think I could draft all these gosh darn patterns for them? This was really a huge project, and a terrible one too. If I knew then what I know now.... I would have done something different. Something less stressful and less ugly. But I finished them.
I sewed on pink roses on both of them, still can't find the other ones, and they were finished. I've already wrapped them to get them out of my sight. I ended up using Christmas Disney Princess Paper, it was either that or something super Christmas-y, or some simple deep blue paper. I decided I wanting something special, but totally me. So they're getting the Princess paper, because they should expect it by now.
I also tried to do some doll sewing today since I won't be able to really get a chance to do anything like that until after the wedding. Sad thing is I really couldn't think of anything to sew. Again I was sewing to just sew, again nothing decent came out of it. I did take a stab at making Charlotte's Christmas dress, but wasn't happy with it. I think that I have to totally rethink what I'm planning for her. Honestly, I've been playing around with that stretch velvet and I don't really care for it. It kind of feels cheap, and look cheap. Maybe I'll use it for something I like, but not for this project. Like I said I really need to just rethink what I'm going to make for Charlotte. At least I've got plenty of time for that little project.

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