Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let's Meet the Girls!

I'm still toying with the idea of dressing all the dolls on Charlotte's shelf in Holiday garb. I say toying since it's a lot of work, and if I putter out midway I can just say I decided against it, compared to gave up on it.
Working on Charlotte's shelf is a bit of a double edged sword. It does have the second smallest amount of dolls on it, totaling at eleven. (The Silkstone shelf beats it at nine.) It also has the widest variance of dolls compared to every other shelf. There's Silkstones, Vintage, Men, Mod, and Children on it. It's a bit of a tacked together group who really could be split up over the other shelves in the collection. Until that is you remember why these dolls belong together, they are my sentimental favorites. Very rarely do I name a doll beyond who they officially are and some identifying trait (ex: Christmas Bubblecut, Brunette Ponytail, Jenny II, Francie from E-bay). Outside of Charlotte's shelf only nine dolls have actual names. Charlotte's shelf alone consists of four dolls with their individual names. And others have had their official names become their only namesake in the collection. There will never be another Kelly, or Tommy, or Joe.
With several of names there's also a bit of a personality that comes along with it. Although, I will say, only a few of the dolls actually have defined personalities, several of them I just have vague thoughts to how they should be dressed. The most defined are Charlotte, Joe, Ashely, Artemis, Mary Clair, and Vanessa. So, while their personalities are the reason why they're on that shelf, it also means that my task is a little more difficult. I can't just churn out several dresses and call it done. Instead I have to take into consideration as to what they would want to wear. Something that Ashely would wear, Artemis wouldn't. Something Vanessa would wear Mary Clair wouldn't. It's all very complicated, especially since this is all in my own mind. Luckily there are some shared interests among them. I so plan on dressing Artemis in Charlotte's dress from last year. She was actually was the doll who modeled it last year for the blog, and now it's hers. But that still leaves me with everybody else to dress.
Tomorrow you'll get to see the two dolls who get clothing that I already had (exciting I know)!

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