Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nine Days to go... Eep!

I could not get motivated this morning. It's still cold, and I'm still avoiding breaking out the heater. But because of that my blankets were much too comforting to abandon. But I did manage to get away, even if it was just to put Percy outside. Not sure if you remember Percy, he's a pepper plant that I've been growing since February of '09. We brought him inside last winter, and did so again a couple days ago. Since the days have been not too cold I've been lugging his tote outside so he can get some few hours of decent sunlight. I'm hoping that this will make winter easier on him since at least he'll get some sunlight.
But today when I went to put him out on the back porch there was a nasty surprise out there! There was a snake on the porch! Dead, luckily. It was still super gross and freaky. I hate, hate, hate snakes. Can not get enough distance between me and them, even dead. I'm freaked out even typing about it now. Apparently the dog had caught it in the middle of the night, killed it, chewed up the tail, then left it for us to see. And I sure did see it. It was so gross!
In the afternoon I went out shopping, but I should have skipped it. I needed to get several things for the baskets and the Domos, but I didn't get a chance to go where I needed to get what I needed. We had to cut it short to go get my brother from school... who then complained about how we hadn't gotten what he wanted. We could have finished out shopping after we picked him up, but he's a serious pain if he doesn't get to go home after school. So we decided against doing that. I wasn't pleased about it either since I was planning on picking up some supplies for the Domos and the Christmas baskets, but was unable since we weren't able to make it to those stores before we had to pick him up. I was hoping that I would be able to get everything today and finally be done with shopping. But no, I'd have to go out tomorrow, spending more time shopping that I could have used actually working on the Domos.
But luckily, there's a happy...ish ending to the day. My Dad and I ended up going out again in the evening to finish the shopping. So I actually won't have to go out tomorrow! Sadly I wasn't able to get everything I needed. I was looking for some ribbon roses, since I still have misplaced mine. Walmart was out of the multicolored pack. They still had pink or white, but I needed purple. I think I'm going to keep looking for the one I bought, and if that doesn't turn up I'll just use some pink ones I have. I was able to purchase some chunky peanut butter. It's the final ingredient I needed for the Christmas basket! All that's left now is to start making the stupid things. I believe that Sunday is the start for those... how exciting. I was also able to pick up some non-basket presents. For my two youngest cousin's children (ages two and three) we are giving them coloring books and crayons. Today I hit up the dollar stores and got eight coloring books. Two for each cousins, and two for my sister's friends. Hey, we agreed to give them presents (begrudgingly), never said they'd be any good. Still need to pick up some more crayons, as well as wrap everything.
Shortly before bedtime I started a dress. Still not sure if it's anything worth finishing, but I'll let you know.
And I promise tomorrow I'll work on those stupid Domos.

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