Friday, November 4, 2011

"No, you don't need an Ostrich Egg"

My morning started off on a rough note. This morning, I had a truly terrible dream. I've had bad dreams before, but this one was darker, crueler, and more vile than any one I've had before. I'm not sure why I had this dream, I haven't eaten anything weird, and my schedule hasn't changed very much, and this had nothing to do with the wedding. I mean, I know Halloween was just last week, but I didn't do anything actually scary for it. I didn't watch any scary movies or anything. The most I did was watch the Simpson's Halloween Episode and make Charlotte's two costumes. That's all I did, I didn't even eat any candy. I don't know why I had this dream, I just know that some of the images from it will haunt me for a while.
So it's been a rough day today. Even on top of the dreams, I've been really feeling the crunch of how much I need to get done, and how little time I have to do it. Time is really ticking down fast, and I have so much to do. And yes, I totally understand and agree part of my problem is completely my fault.
So you better believe I worked on the Domos some more. Today's goal was to finish the groom's shirt and cummerbund. And I did. The shirt went together pretty easily. All that I needed to do was add the second snap, add the bow-tie, and some buttons down the front. It was the cummerbund that gave me the most trouble. At first it was too loose, and when I fixed it, it came out too tight. And when I was fixing it, half of the snap went missing. I was not a happy camper from this ordeal. Eventually I did find it, but it's still too tight. Frankly, it fits, so it's good enough for me. Tomorrow goal is to get the jacket finished. After that all that's left it to add the roses and then wrap them. I'll be glad when they're both done. I officially hate this project. I can't wait to be finished with it, but I just don't want to keep working on it. But I certainly need to get them done, come Sunday I have to throw myself into making those baskets.
But that's not all I got done today. I also worked on wrapping some non-basket presents. It was just the coloring books and crayons for the two littlest cousins and my sister's friends. I wanted to get them done and taken care of and off my mind. I still have some other presents to wrap, but we actually have to get those first. Hopefully we can get to the store and get them some presents soon. I guess that like with every other present so far, I'm going to have to be the one that spearheads this. Just add another thing to the list...
You may be wondering what's the reason for the title of today's post. Well, today my father bought an Ostrich egg. It was empty and cleaned out, so he didn't swipe it from an actual Ostrich. It's been at the Christian Second Hand store for the past few times I've been. He's asked me if we should get it each time, and I said no each time. It was ten dollars, and we could easily spend that money on something more practical. But this time when he went out I didn't go, so he didn't have a voice telling him that it was a waste of money. So it came home with him, although he did get it for five dollars. It just bugs me because here I am, busting my hump (or will be) to make those Christmas baskets to save money and here he is spending money on totally useless things.
I mean I still need shoes for the wedding, or those two presents, or heck he could have bought me a Monster High Doll! (I'm starting think I want a second one. Watching that special on the 30th really made me want another one. Perhaps Gloom beach Frankie?)
Maybe she can keep the bad dreams away...

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