Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Off to Etsy with her (maybe)!

I got around to taking pictures this morning of the doll dress I made last night. I had to troll through the collection to find a doll that I wanted to use as my model. I had a hard time finding a Barbie in decent shape. A lot of them have flaws, and I didn't want the people looking at the pictures to notice the doll's issues and ignore the dress. The dress should be the center of the picture. I ended up picking the bubblecut I bought a few months back from Canada. So I posted the following ad and pictures on "In the Pink",
"Made from a delightfully whimsical candy cane print, it's the perfect holiday dress for the office party, decorating the house for the holidays, and generally spreading some Christmas cheer!
Closing in the back with snaps, and finished by hand it's a wonderful dress to add to your collection. It's designed to fit the vintage body, but could easily fit the Silkstones as well.
Also included is the red ribbon tie. A delightful accent that is completely removable if you decide you wish to use the dress without it. The ribbon has been treated at the ends so it shouldn't fray.
The price of this dress is 15 dollars, plus shipping (Doll, shoes, and props not included). If you're quick enough to purchase it could even get into the mail today!
If interested, please contact me at Don't delay it's extremely limited!"
And I waited...and waited... and waited. To no luck. It's been several hours and still no interest. I don't know why I bother. I guess people don't like my work, or at least like it enough to pay for it. Either way that dress is got a date with Etsy tomorrow if I don't hear from anybody by tomorrow. Maybe someone will want her on there.
I also did something fun today, but I'm going to share that in a separate post. Look for it!

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  1. It is adorable and very well made. :) I would have purchased it if I hadn't already stocked up on holiday wear last month. I'm sure someone will buy it. You do lovely work. <3

    -Cat of A Doll Affinity