Saturday, November 26, 2011

One day past Thanksgiving...

First off, some bad news. My mother talked with my sister about Christmas. Apparently my sister and her husband (that's weird to type) are going to Texas for Christmas. My Mom is not happy about that. Partially because she doesn't get to see my sister for Christmas and partially because she's upset that my sister didn't tell us that even though she must have known about it before hand. She's taking it as a personal slight, even though I'm sure my sister would rather be here with us, than in Texas with his family. She might not always like us, but I'm sure she likes us more than his family. My mom also wondered if we're going to rotate visitations for Christmas, and expressed that it wouldn't be fair if they split it up with one year in Texas (with his father), one year in Rhode Island (with his mother), and one year with us (His parents are divorced, mine are not). I just said that my parents should have a trial separation lasting December 24th until the 26th. That way each of my parents get a Christmas like his do. Is it their fault that they both live in the same state, and their trial separation is going so amicably that they invite the other one to stay at the house during the Holidays? Not at all. I just hope it doesn't come to that. I just feel bad for my Mom, she's taking this a bit more personal than I would expect. I asked if we could still do Christmas with just the four of us at the real Christmas time. I'm tired of my life being scheduled around other people, especially when I'm planning on being the one who does most of the work. I have no problem doing the entire meal on my own and calling it Christmas. Heck, you don't even have to be there, just let me have my presents. I'm even willing to do another big meal early next year when my sister can make it. Not that big of a deal to me. We'll see how that goes closer to the Holiday. Well, I hope.
With that unpleasant announcement behind us, today I started with some cleaning. My desk has been looking like a disaster zone. Lately I'd put something down, then look for it seconds later and can't find it. I worked hard at chopping away some of the random stuff that piled up there. I'd say it's now fifty percent clean. Which is the cleanest that it's been in months, sadly. I even managed to label and put away the Domo patterns I drafted. I never plan on making them clothes again, but I'd hate to throw them away, just in case I did for some reason. Murphey's Law people, if I get rid of them I'll need to use them again, by keeping them that means I doubt I'll use them again. So I'm keeping them. They get stuck in Chatty Cathy's pattern folder. She's more likely to get something new than they are, but keeping them in that folder means I won't see them for a while. She rarely gets clothes. She's not the clothes horse Barbie is.
I also worked on finishing Midge's dress. I really wanted to get it done so I can start working on someone else on the shelf. I know it's not yet December, but I'm feeling the pressure already. Which is funny since I'm the only one making this deadline, and the sooner I get it done, the sooner I'll be complaining about how I have nothing to do. I'm a funny bird like that. All it needed was the usual finishing it up. It closes in the back with one single snap, and ties at the top with some ribbon. I thought about adding the hanging down sash like the original, but decided against it. This dress looks plenty cute without it. It kind of reminds me of a dress that Natalie Woods wears as Maria in "West Side Story". I changed Midge's hair, gave her an underskirt (a loaner), and changed her shoes and she was finished. Really, an adorable Christmas look. I just hope everyone else looks as cute as she does when I'm finished! (Also check out Blaine in his tuxedo. Looking good man!)

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