Thursday, November 3, 2011


I'm pleased to say that I got to work on the Domos today!
This morning I managed to finish the wedding dress and finish the garter. The Bride doll is almost totally done. All that's left is to add some ribbon roses to the veil, but they are still missing. Hopefully I'll find them soon, or else she'll be getting the pink ones. The Groom wasn't neglected this morning either. Today I drafted and made the start of his tux jacket. I used Barbie's Kimono pattern as a basis. There have been a shocking amount of Barbie patterns I have been able to use in this project. I guess my initial statement about not being able to use any of my familiar patterns was incorrect. I also worked on his shirt some. Right now it just needs it's second snap, as well as some pearl "buttons" and the bow tie, and it'll be finished.
Before I could start on that I broke for lunch. I would have continued working on it after lunch, except for one simple incident. You see I was taking the lid off a spray can while making lunch, but the lid did not move. Instead my hand did, and a chunk of my hand got caught under the sharp plastic lip of the lid, rewarding me with a divet in my hand. On my right hand between my middle and ring finger. Obviously this bled, and kept bleeding all throughout the day. It would be pretty terrible to bleed on a Wedding present. So I was done for the day with that.
Instead I worked on Vanessa's dress. It's red so it wouldn't show blood as easily (But either way I didn't actually bleed on it). I'm not in love with it, so I'm done with it for a bit. I'm going to work on something else, and come back to the dress, eventually, in time.
Each day it's a little closer!

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