Monday, November 28, 2011

Progress on a Monday!

Started off with some sewing today, well actually more like un-sewing. A while back I worked on making Vanessa her Christmas dress. Honestly I can't remember if I started it before or shortly after I came back from Connecticut for my sister's wedding. Either way it's a couple weeks old. I made it, and while I liked the general look of it, there were several major fit issues that I needed to fix. Since I didn't want to deal with that then, I set it aside and worked on other projects. Sometimes it's easier to call it a day on one thing and come back to it later. I knew that I wanted to come back to it, I just kept dragging my feet on it. Since Vanessa is the only doll on the shelf I have both the idea and materials for her dress, I figured I should come back to it and at least try to fix it. And if I couldn't fix it I could try something else, and that way she'd stop being stuck nude on my desk waiting for me to "get around" to her. She's not that patient of a muse. Not like Charlotte at all.
I started off with removing the skirt. I think that's where my problem really started. It wasn't closing in the back decently, so originally I added a back panel to lengthen it. Which looked terrible, and didn't do enough to fix it. It just added volume to the skirt (which I did like) and made the back look weird. So I took off the skirt, and removed the back panels. I ended up changing the back of the bodice to help it close in the back better. I was using my usual bodice pattern, and I have a nasty habit of leaving the bodice too long, so it doesn't close over backsides correctly. So I fixed it, so it did. I also took apart the pieces of the skirt, and added the back panels to the sides. This time making them triangle shaped gores instead of oddly tacked on pieces in the back. It took a lot or work and lots of thread pulling, but I think the dress is now in better shape. I still have a lot of little tweaks to finish, so no pictures yet. I'm glad I came back to it and worked on it. I just wish I didn't rub my fingers raw pulling threads. That hurts!
I also quickly worked on a dress for Skipper. But it ended up being too big for her. It fits Momoko, but she doesn't need a dress like that. So I may finish it eventually, but right now I don't care enough to. At least I decided that I didn't like the look for Skipper. So I guess it's back to the drawing board for her.
But at least I made progress with Vanessa's dress!

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