Friday, November 18, 2011

A Review, should I make this a thing?

Went to Walmart today with my new gift card to spend some of it. I finally had a decent chunk of money to spend and... nothing. I was even at a Walmart 45 minutes away from my normal one, and they still had terrible stock. Nothing exciting in Monster High, and all sold out of Ken clothes. And really, that's all I need from Mattel at this time. I sew everything for Barbie, and I don't really need anymore new Barbie dolls. I've toyed with the idea of getting a new Fashionista Ken, but he always has such a weenie head sculpt. At this point I'm only looking for interesting shoes, and Ken clothes. (Since it's more fun to make women's clothes then men's)
I ended up with this: (Picture swiped from Amazon)I almost walked away empty handed until I found this Liv doll clothing pack. It's the "Sail Away" set. I've seen it before and walked away from it, but this time it was on clearance from 8.97 to 5.00, but when I went to scan it, the original price showed up. I thought about not getting it, but I decided to get it, and if it scanned wrong I could alert the cashier and we could take it from there. It did scan wrong, but the cashier manually adjusted it, so it ended up being the five dollars it should be. Otherwise I was going to walk away without it. Five dollars is one thing, I certainly didn't need it for almost nine.

Packaging: The package is a simple plastic bubble on a cardboard backing. Printed on the cardboard is a picture of a Liv doll wearing the fashion, or at least the prototype. Between that picture and the actual outfit being produced they changed the ribbon on the blouse (going from blue and white to solid blue), and they changed the bracelet (just changing it from clear plastic to white). You can't see the shoes, but on the back there's a small sliver of silver (say that three times fast), so they were at least the same color as the production run. Also the sunglasses, hat, and purse are not shown in the picture. It was somewhat easy to open, but still needed to use the scissors. It did give me some clear elastics that I can use elsewhere, so that's nice.

Pants: The pants are a deep crimson (Shown much more true red in the photo on the package) high water trouser. They're made of a slick nylon? type fabric. A cool feature is that it's got four white buttons on front in a mock sailor pant. They even went so far as to make vents to give the illusion that they pants actually open in the front. They don't (they close in the back with velcro), but it's still a nice touch. The pants also have some fake sewn pleats in the front. These are actually nicely made. They're a bit tight on Charlotte however. They can fit and even close in the back, but she can't sit down in them or anything. I do like these, but they're a bit of a challenge for redressing. The style with the buttons and mock front is a bit casual, and the shiny red nylon makes it look a little more formal. Personally if I was making these pants, I'd make them out of red cotton, that way they'd be a bit more casual and easier to pair up with another top.

Hat: Also included was a hat... which I'm forgetting the actual name of it's style. It's like a sailor's hat without the rolled brim. It's made from a purple blue cotton with a pretty noticeable file. It's made up from four triangle pieces sewn together (a bit haphazard it looks) to form the hat. Unfortunately it makes the top have a little bit of a point, so it looks like the doll is a cone head. It's much too big for any of the usual dolls in the collection, and Sindy actually slapped my hand away when I tried to put it on her. Also I should point out, that while there's a line of stitching around the bottom, the entire bottom hem in unfinished! And with this fabric, it's already started to show some fraying, and it's been out of the package for less then two hours, and not even on anybody's head.

Shirt: This shirt was the reason why I wanted to get this outfit in the first place. It looked like a cute, but nontraditional, sailor type top. For some reason I thought that it had an actual sailor's collar, but instead it's just a ribbon that goes around the neckline. The bow at the neckline is pretty cute. The bow is actually treated so the ends of it won't fray. They also use the same type of ribbon at the bottom of the shirt. Most of the top is cotton, designed with this swirling blue and white pattern. I assume it's supposed to be water swirling. And now for the bad part, the sewing on the top is terrible. Like, laughably bad, especially since it's such a simple design. Now I don't say this often, but I know I could do a better job then what they did. There's several loose threads, the stitching is off , or broken, in several places, and on both the bottom and top hem you can see the flipped up fabric over the ribbon that's supposed to hide. And on one side near the top there's this weird snag on the fabric. It's just bizarre that the pants are done so well, and this simple top is really shoddy. I mean I could make this top better, and I'm not even in business to make and selling doll clothing. Really disappointing. Here I was thinking about making a new skirt to pair with this top, and now I can't see myself using it ever.

Shoes: The shoes are cute silver sneakers, plastic like how most of my shoes are, with white soles. I like them, although they have this weird pebbling texture molded into the silver parts. I wish they were a bit more simple. Don't have anyone to wear them, they are much bigger that all the women's feet around here, and smaller than the men. I do have that one Liv body, but she's already got shoes. I guess these are spares!

Accessories: The outfit did come with some accessories, which are always nice. There's a pair of blue sunglasses that are pretty. Again they're too big for everyone, but they're interesting to look at. The lenses actually do a little bit of magnifying when you look through them and they're directly in front of the object. Who knew that the Liv dolls needed reading glasses? Also included was a plastic "straw" purse. Again, it's cute. With it's really detailed "woven" pattern and bright pink handles it might be the most versatile piece of the entire outfit. It is molded a little narrow, so you won't be able to actually store a lot in it, but it's still nice. Also with this outfit came a bracelet. It's white plastic with a silver star on it. It's a really cute (I keep saying cute, I must learn more description words) item, and one that I can see myself using in other outfits. It kind of reminds me of a bracelet that came with a Silkstone doll, except it's plastic and for children. It was a little difficult to take off Charlotte's wrist, but that's the price you pay for fashion.

Added bonus: Also included in the box was this cool plastic display mannequin. I know that it's for showing off the outfit in the box, but I'm reusing it. It's cool and it's actually got jointed shoulders. I'm going to put a dress on it, then tack it to the wall. I always am looking for ways to display clothing, and here's a new one. Although, I've already tried a few things on and it's not been the best of fits. Things made for Charlotte are tight in the waist, and loose in the bust. Which is weird since Charlotte can wear Liv doll clothing, but this form can't wear hers, and it gets weirder when you know that the back of the form is open, the plastic doesn't go all the way around. I wonder how true to the actual Liv dolls this dress form is.

Overall Opinion: Maybe I'm bias, maybe I'm too picky, but this entire outfit was a bit of a let down. Part of it was thinking it was something else when I bought it, but part of it was the not so sharp sewing on the top. That was the item that I was most excited about. I do like some of the accessories, but I would never spend five dollars for just a bracelet and a handbag, the two items I can actually see myself using from this outfit. I'm just lucky that I got it for five, because if I paid the whole nine dollars for it, I'd be MAD!

Final Rating: 2 out of 5

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  1. I spend a lot of time choosing outfits for this reason. If there are 5 I go thru all 5 and pick the best sewn. I find that with all companies the outfits vary from one to the other. I have a few ladies with LIV bodies so the clothes come in handy and they're worth the $. I find myself passing on the Barbie clothing because they're so cheaply made. I have this outfit but I haven't opened it yet to put it on anyone. I picked the best of this I need to open it