Monday, November 14, 2011

Shoe Addiction Runs in the Family...

Okay, time for some family Drama.
So, my family got up to Connecticut on Wednesday, in the very early morning. My sister and her fiancee had arrived the previous day and were already asleep in the upstairs bedroom at my Grandmother's house. My brother and I slept on the couches on the living room, and my parents slept on the floor in the den. In the morning my parents, my sister, and I were the first ones up. Actually my Grandparents were up and already out of the house. They had a funeral to go to. A former business acquaintance of my grandfather had passed away and they felt they should go to pay their respects.
Anyway, we were sitting around chatting, when my sister asked if we wanted to see the shoes that she had bought for her wedding. We agreed, and she brought the box in to show us. When she opened them I gasped. Not because they were that shocking, but because I had seen them recently. When my cousin posted a picture of the shoes she got for my sister's wedding on Facebook a few days ago. They were slightly different, but practically the same. My sister's shoes were silver, with silver glitter on them. They also had an open toe, with a four inch heal. My cousin's shoe were gold, with gold glitter on them. They also had an open toe, with a five inch heal. Also the arch of the shoe was a little different (probably because of the extra inch heel). My cousin's shoe looked more like Jessica Rabbit's shoe. They were scary close. It's shocking how identical the shoes looked since they were bought by different people, at different stores, at different times.
My sister was rather upset hearing this. She really liked her shoes, and didn't want someone else wearing almost the same ones as her. You'd think that as the bride her minor request would be done, right? Wrong. When my aunt came over later we told her about the similarities between the two shoes. She went back home and got my cousin's shoes. Everyone who saw them noted how similar they were. When my sister expressed that she didn't want my cousin wearing those, my aunt got very testy. She did not want to even ask my cousin to give up wearing her shoes. We asked her to talk to her about it, and she wouldn't listen. She even went so far as to proclaim that "all kids of that age don't listen to their parents" so it was a lost cause. (She's 24 by the way). She even tried to drag me into it, "You're the same age (25), you don't listen to your parents." Excuse me? I certainly listen to my parents. Don't try to lump me in with your disrespectful daughter. My Mom did try to reason with my sister, she whispered to her, "Let her wear the shoes, she'll be drunk at the reception, and she'll stumble and fall and it'll be funny." My aunt saw that and asked what my mother said. Thinking quickly on her feet my sister said that my mom said to be nice and let her wear the shoes, so my aunt didn't hear the joke my mom said.
But my sister's kindness kind of bit her in the backside. Later that night when my sister was leaving to go to bed, she asked my Aunt to talk to my cousin about not wearing the shoes, and my Aunt went ballistic! She went off on her, and even added this little gem about how my sister should listen to my mother. (So we should listen to our mother when it works for her daughter?)
The issue was in the hands of our Aunt (who insisted she be the one to talk to her), either way my sister didn't have the time since the next day (my cousin was at work all the previous day) was her wedding day. We figured that the issue was resolved, and that people were considerate of my sister's wishes. (Like literally, this was the only issue my sister had with anybody.)
But nope, guess who wore her shoes to the wedding. Yup, my cousin. I walked in and and saw her wearing them. I guess they couldn't be bothered to think about my sister's wants on HER WEDDING DAY. Apparently when asked about not wearing the shoes and wearing something else my cousin claimed that she didn't have any others, which is a lie. She has tons of shoes. I'm sure my aunt didn't really press the issue with my cousin, and just let my cousin wear them. My sister didn't know she wore the shoes when she first got there (she was wearing a pair of gold sandals at first, oh look another pair of shoes), so she went over to her, and hugged her, and thanked her for not wearing the shoes. And she still wore the shoes. My sister was mad when she found out she was wearing the shoes, especially after she hugged and thanked her.
I'm sure if the situation was reversed my sister would have been forced to change shoes. She couldn't change shoes and let my sister have her way.
What kind of bitc---cousin does that?

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