Sunday, November 13, 2011

Something Blue...

I'd like to announce that my family and I are back from Connecticut. We arrived this morning around 10:30, after leaving around 9:30 last night. We could have stayed another night, but we were all ready to get back home and get away from... some... people... The wedding itself was a nice affair, but like usual was not without it's fair share of family drama. It's just mind boggling how some people think, and act. I'll be sharing one of those stories tomorrow.

While I was up in Connecticut, I also had a personal quest. To get Gloom Beach Frankie. Even though my local Walmart was sold out, I wasn't going to be anywhere near my local store. I had a lot of different stores to check out. On Wednesday I checked Walmart, to no luck. They only had the boy doll from that line. I also checked out some second hand stores (where I finally found a pair of shoes for a decent price). Sadly, there were no Monster High dolls there, or any Barbie dolls either. I also checked Ocean State Job lot. For some reason they did have Monster High dolls, but the most recent line. It was the boxed dolls of Frankie and DracuLaura dressed in their "Day at the Maul" fashions. I thought about getting one of them, but I didn't really want them. I haven't found a DracuLaura doll that I like, and I don't care for that Frankie's bangs. So I left them. I did find her at the grocery store, but she was 15 dollars, I was SO not going to pay more than 13 dollars for her. It just means I might have to wait until going back to North Carolina until I got her.
Friday, the actual Wedding day, when my family and I were out picking up our tuxes I went to Target, it was right down the road. Again, they didn't have the dolls. They did have a lot of dolls, just not the one I wanted.
On Saturday I tagged along when returning our rented tuxes. I asked to go to the Big Lots up there. Figured that I could pay the price up here and get her, and then I'd at least have something to play with in the car. For a bit I thought I wasn't going to be able to go, but I did. I checked the toy section, and they had two of them! They also had the clothing sets on sale for eight dollars, but that was not something I wanted. They dolls were still 13, just like in the Big Lots down here. I looked over the two dolls to find the best one. One of them had some hair cut in the front giving her several wispy bang like things. Since I liked this doll for her lack of bangs, the other one came home with me. When I brought her up front for some reason she scanned wrong. Instead of 13, she ended up costing 9! Which was a better price than Walmart. I guess my Karma is just slow acting.
I waited until we left until I opened her (I didn't know we were going to be leaving that late.). So it was pretty dark when I finally got to play with her. There was enough outside the car light to give me a chance to see her somewhat. Still it was fun to play around with her. It's been a while since I got a new, new doll. The last one was Ghoulia last year, I think.
I really do like her. I like her hairstyle, her blue lips, and her hands. That hand sculpt is one of my favorites. It's very similar to Charlotte's hands, just more exaggerated. I wouldn't mind if they ported those hand molds over to the Barbie line, in fact I wouldn't mind if they ported a lot of the stuff into the Barbie line. (Mostly the creativity that the Monster High line has).
I do have to do some sewing for Frankie, she can't sit around in a bathing suit. Winter is coming. I'm not sure when I'll get around to sewing for her, but I'm sure I will. I'm just glad I've finally got her.
Family drama is coming tomorrow!

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