Saturday, November 12, 2011

Something Borrowed...

Today we have something that's not mine, but is staying in my room for a bit. You may remember me talking about finding a figurine for my mother online. I couldn't afford it at the time, so my father gave me the money to buy it for her. It arrived several weeks ago, but since it's for Christmas, I've been holding onto it in my room. I have it on display near several over fragile figurines. Don't worry, my Mother doesn't go into my room so she won't see it.

And if she did come into my room she would recognize it instantly. You see, she has something like it. Or at least her mother does. It's a Napco Angel figurine and my Grandmother has one for each of the her children's birth months. There's January (Aunt #2), March (My Mother), September (Aunt #3), and December (Aunt #1). They live in the living room, on the mantle. They've been there my entire lifetime, and I'm sure at least most of my mother's. (She is the youngest.) I have no idea when or where they were purchased, or if they were even purchased at the same time. They have just always been there.
They have had their scrapes and bumps though. All of them have chips, and most of them have several spots where things have been glued back on. Let me tell you about time I randomly found one of their wings in a random box in the attic. Okay, it was a short story. In fact my mother's March one had two chips on the bows in her hair, so it kind of looks like devil's horns. I'm not sure where they picked up all these battle scars, I've never seen them anywhere other than their spot on the mantle. Maybe they were kept upstairs in the bedrooms. I don't really know.
This one doesn't have any of those issues (and let's pray that none of them develop before I give her away on Christmas). She does have some missing paint on her, ironically also on her bows, but she's still a cutie.

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