Friday, November 11, 2011

Something new...

Today I'm going to share with you my most recent doll. Again, I got her a few weeks ago but held off on sharing because more interesting things happened. And believe it or not, I do get tired of droning on and on about my most recent find, or at least my hands get tired.
Her beginnings are humble, and certainly familiar. She's another doll that I found on Etsy. But she's different because she was an accidental find. Usually I search for the newest ads on Etsy since I've seen most of the old ones. Since they've changed their search system it first shows their "relevant" ads, then you have to select "most recent". It's very annoying, but without it I wouldn't have found her. Apparently I missed her the first go around.

Who is she you ask? Well let me tell you. She's a Fashion Queen Barbie. I did have one of those before, but she was in terrible shape. I ended up using her body for someone else (P.J.). I didn't really want a second one, I like my dolls to have hair, but her price was too good to pass up. She was only 19.99, including shipping. Can you believe that? And could you believe that she'd been on that site for two days? And it gets better, she's in such good shape. The only real issue is that she had a lot of paint missing to her hair, (I think she must have been wearing a wig for a long time and it must have gotten stuck to the plastic cap of the wig, and when someone took off the wig it took the paint off.) and that she's a little dirty (but not that bad). Other than that she's in really nice shape. Actually, She does have some scratches to her torso, but nothing that a dress wouldn't cover. But other than that she's amazing. All her fingers, she even has her toenail polish on several toes, and her makeup is flawless. She doesn't even have the usual eyelash rubs! Can you believe it? I'd say her makeup is the best of any vintage doll in my collection. I'd say she's tied with my almost mint Francie if I was including mod dolls. Could you believe she was cheaper than buying the newest reproduction?

Madness. That's about it on her. Of course she hasn't been dressed yet. She's waiting patiently with the other nude dolls until I find and make something I want to dress them in. I was thinking something with a hat, to cover the paint loss on her head. Only time will tell!
P.S. Her pictures are the sellers since I have yet to actually have a photo shoot with this one.

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  1. Lucky ! What a great find, she's gorgeous ! Can't wait to see what you make for her, she's so elegant. Thanks for sharing her with us !