Thursday, November 10, 2011

Something old...

All right, since I'm without a computer, and any free time for a bit, I will be unable to include any new content on the blog. Since I'm sure you guys will be at a total loss without my interesting and enlightening blog posts I've decided to share with some things that originally I skipped. You might find it interesting, you might not. Either way here it is.

Today I'm going to share some pictures of Charlotte's shelf from Halloween. I did show you the final look on the actual Halloween day, but I took several pictures of the shelf before everyone was settled on their final costumes.Sorry for the blurriness of the first picture. I took it with my cellphone to show somebody what I was doing and it's the only picture I have of the earlier costumes. Here you can see that several people are in their final costumes. Blaine, Artemis, Ashley, Mary Clair, and Vanessa are all wearing what they wore for Halloween. Modern Circle is wearing a mermaid costume, and Joe is just wearing his usual clothes with a cape over it. At this point I hadn't even thought about dressing Kelly or Tommy yet. Also Midge is wearing a variation on the Little Red Riding Hood costume. It's the dress to the vintage Mattel version (turns out it was one of the items from that lot of stuff I got from my birthday, only the skirt was shortened.), Charlotte's hood from last year, and the white stockings that eventually went with the Dutch girl outfit. (I changed her after I realized how silly she looked with the over sized hood, and the fact that I needed the stockings for Charlotte.) Happy ending, she got the tights back when Charlotte changed clothes. So it all worked out. Charlotte's even in this picture, just wearing some underwear though. This was because she was going though a lot of fittings for her costume.

Here you can see that some more people are in their final costumes. Along with Blaine, Artemis, Mary Clair, Ashley, and Vanessa, Kelly and Tommy both ended up with their final costumes. Joe still isn't in the football uniform yet, and Modern Circle has yet to become the sexy witch. Midge however, still has three more changes to go before the final one. And one skull will change it's hat before the big day. (Modern Circle needed the witch hat.)This one is basically the final choices for everyone. All that missing is Charlotte (who was just elsewhere), and Mary Clair (who I moved so I could take a solo picture of Midge in her costume). Even the Skulls and my Wooden "E" are in their final positions for their Halloween pictures, even though this was still a few days before I took that photo.

I hope you enjoyed this post about the evolution of Halloween around here!

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