Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Somewhat back into the swing of things

I got back to do some writing today. I've been putting it off for a while, and I really need to quit doing that. I always feel bad when I skip writing, but after such a long break it's always so daunting to jump back in. I decided that it was time to go back to the beginning and do some more editing. This helped last time I was stuck. But when I started working with the book, I felt like everything I was doing wasn't working out. Like I had lost my voice. This has happened before, and may be part of the problem with why I was so hesitant to work on it. So I closed out the document, not saving anything I had written. Instead I worked on a poem that I had started a while back. It's basically my usual type, decadently worded and a bit messed up. It was fun to write. It still needs some work, but at least I was writing something. I'm thinking that I may be done with the "Ballad of Submission" for a while. Maybe I should start another project to help me regain what I lost during my long break.
That was my morning. In the afternoon I was checking out some doll groups online, and a saw a post from someone selling some holiday doll dresses they had made. They were not my cup of tea, I thought that the fit could be better, and the fabrics were too large for the scale, and for the very simple pieces they wanted almost forty dollars! (No inset sleeves or anything). I figured that I could try making something and try selling it. I guess that I've gotten over the sting of not selling those Skipper skirts. (Still available on Etsy, btw) I made a simple Christmas dress using the Candy Cane patterned fabric and the modified bodice top. The top went together well, it was the skirt that I had troubles. I had to cut it out twice since my original one was too short. My second one, while the correct length ended getting attached to the bodice a little high. I tried to avoid my issue of adding skirts too low, so instead I added it too high. It still looks okay, it's just a personal taste issue, but I knocked off five dollars from my original price because of it. I got it finished tonight, and it's got it's date with the camera tomorrow followed by posting it on "In the Pink".
I'm nervous and excited!

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