Monday, November 21, 2011

Start with the old

I'm a bit sore today. Yesterday, after the blog post was written, I was walking up stairs. I was barefoot, and my big toe on my right foot, got caught on the left leg hole of my pants. Before I could recover, I tripped and smacked into the stairs in several spots. The worst was my left knee where I had some swelling. But I also hurt my right leg, my left arm, and my right hand. Luckily they got better overnight. Right now all that's bothering me is my left knee (the swelling has gone away), and my right pointer finger. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be even better. It's a very minor pain, but I just don't like being in pain at all!
I spent a lot of time doing research online. Since I'm still planning on dressing the dolls on Charlotte's shelf in Holiday garb I needed to do some research about what kind of holiday dresses I liked. Sadly that's easier said than done. Part of the problem is I'm not really sure what I want. I know that there's not going to any sort of strict dress code. The dolls are going to be dressed in clothes that are "Christmas-y". That's all that I'm limiting it to. I'm not going to stick with any time era or theme (it's not like they'd all fit at the same Christmas party), because, quite honestly, designing eleven different costumes under those restraints would be rather boring, especially since I'm working with such different personalities. Even now I'm not sure if I'll get to everyone and that's when I have every fashion era available for inspiration. But I can already tell you, there's not going to be a whole lot of cohesive fashion looks.
Anyway, let me talk about the two dolls that are already dressed. First up we have Artemis. She's wearing Charlotte's dress from last year. It's made from the adapted "Barbie in Japan" bodice. If I remember correctly one of the first things made from that adapted pattern. I actually talked about it on the blog last year. It's a cute dress, but it was before I started pinning my ruffles so the ruffles at the sleeves are a bit haphazard. But it works. She's not wearing the matching cape that goes with it, but I might stick it on her. She does have a petticoat on under the dress to give the skirt some volume. She's also wearing her usual shoes (black pumps, one of my favorite sculpts), as well as her usual black choker. It's just a black rubber band that I've added. The second doll already dressed is Modern Circle. How about that, the two Silkstone face molds were the first two dressed. She's wearing a dress that I didn't make. It's from a Holiday Barbie from the 90's. I had the boxed doll for a while, the boxed ended up getting damaged, so I opened it and removed the clothes from the doll. She's wearing this somewhat scandalous green with silver snowflake princess seamed dress. It's meant for the larger busted dolls, but looks decent on her... just don't look down from directly over her. The original shoes with that outfit are actually the red pumps that my blond Midge wears, because I knew you wanted to know that. Modern Circle here kept the black boots she normally wears. She also kept her own black choker (I have a thing for them). I think the boots really make this outfit seem a little less showy. I liked the red pumps, but with them the outfit was a bit too bold. Adding the boots makes the outfit a little less glamorous. Plus it totally fits her style.
So that's the two of them. I think those are the only two dolls that I can use stuff I've already made. Everyone else is going to get something new. Well, except Blaine. He gets a boring suit. Sorry Blaine!

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