Tuesday, November 8, 2011

To heck in a Christmas Basket.... Day Three

Again downstairs and ready to report to work at ten this morning. Today was the day I've been dreading since well... the start of these baskets. Chocolate covered pretzels day. It's just there's so many of them, and you have to do each one individually. I was filling seven baskets with 35 pretzels in each, so that meant I had to made 245 pretzels. Fun times ahead, fun times.
I started off using some milk chocolate chips that I had gotten. Melting them in the microwave, dipping the pretzels into it, then letting them drip off the excess chocolate, then putting them onto the tin foil to dry. It's a slow process. I was working slowly but steadily until I put the chocolate into the microwave with some pretzels in the bowl. I guess the pretzels got really hot and ended up burning the chocolate... darn it.
I guess the rest of that was a wash, so I started a new bowl with the chocolate I bought at Hobby Lobby. It's a brand called "Chocomaker", 2 pounds for 8? dollars (Less if you use a coupon). I started a new bowl and fired up the microwave. And wow, let me tell you working with this was so much better than the chocolate chips. It melted wonderfully, stayed melted longer, and dripped off the pretzels so much faster, plus it tastes really good! It took me an hour and a half to do 70 with the chocolate chips (and partially with the Chocomaker chips). It took me an hour to do more than 105 after switching over to the Chocomaker chips. Really, really, really happy with this product. And, I still have about half of it left. I didn't have pretzels just globbed on with chocolate. This product made my life so much easier. Which is great, since nobody else it. Literally, other than the one time I had my brother stir, nobody else has helped my at all with this entire ordeal. And it's not like I'm bitter or anything.... nope not at all...
I managed to get the pretzels done today after a took a long break for lunch. (I was working on something else though.) I also finished the topping for the Oh Henry bars, my dad went out shopping and picked up more chocolate chips for me. They're all packaged and ready to go into the baskets.
Finally I decided that I wanted to get a head start on the cookies. Tomorrow is rapidly getting busier and I think I'll be happy that I got these things done ahead of time. I made two batches of them, the green ones. I didn't get a lot of cookies from them, so again cookies are going to be one of the smaller portions in the baskets. Ugh, I'm exhausted, I finally stopped cooking around 6 tonight. I also got my Grandmother's present wrapped today.
But can't talk now, I've got a lot of stuff to do, and an early morning. (5 AM!)
*Runs Off*

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