Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ugh... the morning after...

I spent my morning taking everyone from Charlotte's shelf, removing their Halloween costumes, and returning them back to their usual clothes. Figured since Halloween's officially over I might as well get everyone back to normal. Plus I should do it now before things really start to pick up. In a couple days things are going to get a bit hectic for me, and I don't want to rush redressing them, I want to take my time. Can I talk about how much of a pain it is to get Vanessa's hands into her coat? Annoying spread out fingers. Remind me to never take that coat off her again. I've already stuck most of the costumes back into the costume bag. I wasn't really sure where to put Charlotte's and Midge's costumes. I'd love to be able to display them like I did with the Steampunk outfit and Little Red Riding Hood, but I don't have anymore mannequins. And I didn't want to put them on another doll. I ended up putting both of them onto Charlotte's garment rack. I did have to put away two things that were on it to free up the space. They were both Vanessa's old outfit, and she's not going back to that anytime soon. I was able to find a place to store the wings, so they'll be safe. Charlotte's rack is getting really full (tee-hee). At the way I'm going I'll need another rack before the end of next year. She's only one doll, how many clothes does she need???
I thought about starting to put up my Christmas decorations in the collection, but decided against it. It's still way too early to be thinking about something like that, even though soon I'll be having my families' fake Christmas. I'm toying with the idea of dressing everyone on Charlotte's shelf in Holiday related clothing. It's just a little daunting because I don't have as many Christmas related clothes as I do Halloween. Right now from memory I can only think of two Christmas dresses I have, and that's including the one I made last year for Charlotte (the scarlet dress). Add to that Charlotte's new dress, plus the two guys getting suits (and the short end of the stick), we have a grand total of five costumes. There's eleven dolls that live on that shelf. Do I really want to make seven new costumes just for the heck of it? It sounds like a lot of work for just my own personal enjoyment. I'll have to really think about it.
And in some exciting news, I would like to say.... I worked on the Domo's today! Finally, right? Time is running out. So I sat down and worked on the Groom today, the bride is still mostly finished. I had done some work on him previously, but still needed to finish some things. Today I got his pants totally finished, and all of the machine sewing done on the shirt. Still need to finish that though. After that the only big thing that I need to do is his jacket. Wish me luck on that one, it's going to be the worst.

It has sleeves!

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