Saturday, November 19, 2011

What a day, what a month

Today was a really, really rough day. And it's been making me do a lot of thinking. Nothing I want to share with you, but it may color my writings for a while.

Instead I'm going to share with you some further indignities that I suffered while up in Connecticut. Because sometimes, I just need to throw myself a pity party.

Anyway, our first short vignette of woe takes place on Thursday. It was mid-day, and everyone was at my Grandparents. This story needs a little background. My family and I had gotten in from the 13+ hour drive at 4 am that morning. I had slept poorly in the car, and while able to sleep once at my Grandparent's, was up around 8, since that's when people started coming over. I was sitting in the den (back to mid-day), then decided to leave and go into the living room. With the layout of that house, you have to pass through the kitchen to do that. In the Kitchen were my aunt and Grandmother. My aunt sees me, turns to my Grandmother and asks, "Would you like Aubrey to make the lemon squares?". She doesn't ask me, she doesn't tell me, she just volunteers me for this project. I was like, "Excuse me?". If the circumstances were different I wouldn't have minded. If one of my parents had said that, I would have been annoyed, but they have a right to volunteer me for stuff like that. If I was asked if I wanted to do it I would have said sure and acted like it wasn't a bother for me to make food I had no intention of eating. It was the sheer fact that my aunt just said that, even though there was a house full of people who can cook, who weren't working off two nights of spotty sleep (remember, I had been up at 6 the morning before that to bring the dogs to the kennel). But no, she automatically assumes that I'm willing to just jump at her beck and call. Which is weird since she can't get her daughter to do anything she asks of her, why would she think that I would be so ready for some chores? Luckily, my Grandmother didn't say anything, so I didn't have to make the lemon squares. In fact I didn't think they got made at all. Whatever.

The second big insult came that night. It was before the wedding rehearsal at the church. Since they were planning on getting pizza my aunt and Grandmother wanted to call ahead and "prepare" the pizza pace for our "big" order. But as people pointed out, we were only getting six pizzas, so it was hardly an overwhelming number of pizzas. But still they wanted to call. So I was upstairs doing something, when I came downstairs my brother informed me that my aunt wanted to talk to me. I found her, and she was on the phone calling the pizza place, so I waited. I found out later, she was looking for me, so I could call the pizza place. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this, but I am phone phobic. I really do not like answering the phone. If I get a number and don't have it programmed on my phone, I'll ignore it. I will go out of my way to avoid making calls, and when I do I get very nervous. I've have been reprimanded several times by my family for not picking up my phone when they call. At my Grandmother's when the phone rings, I'll pick it up, then run it to my Grandmother since it automatically picks up and I don't want to say hello. I just don't do phones. Yet people don't seem to remember that. This is the second time in recent years that I have specifically been told to call the pizza place. Same house, different aunt. That is the only time I will flat out refuse to do what people ask me.
I bend over backwards to try and be agreeable and remember their likes and dislikes, why can't I be allowed my own little quirks?
Just frustrating...

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