Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What's wrong with you Walmart?

Heads up, another complaining post. I promise I'm going to try to get back to some fun posts, but that's going to have to wait until stuff like this stops happening.
So you might remember that also planned for the time I was going to be up in Connecticut was our family Christmas. If you read this blog that was hard to miss since I was busy making those stupid baskets before we left. My grandparents leave for Florida by real Christmas time, so in order to have a family Christmas we all get together before they go. So on Saturday we did that. We handed out the baskets, which went over very well by the way, and we all got some presents.
And, while I love the thought that went into the ones I got, they were not really exactly what I wanted or needed at this time, so I decided to return some of them. My parents and brother decided to do the same for some of the things. Although, I'll never know why anybody thought it was a good idea to give a 20 year old straight male who doesn't care for musicals, or High School for that matter, a Glee game. Anyway, since the majority of the stuff we're returning came from Walmart we went there today to return it. Which is it's own family tradition by this time.
We've done this several years without problems. We take it to the service desk, they scan it, and give us store credit depending on how things scan. But this year was different. Apparently Walmart (maybe just ours) has a new policy about returns. I'll try to explain it the best I understand it. The greeter scans your returns, then gives you the stickers for the items. You then have to go to the section your returned item belongs to, finds someone who works there, then pick out, in that section alone, goods worth the same amount of what you're returning. So if you returned a men's shirt for 10 dollars, you can spend that 10 dollars only in the men's department. Isn't that nuts? It just sounds crazy complicated and a real insult to the shoppers. I mean, they already have my money, I'm returning everything with the labels and still wrapped, why can't I get my money's worth in another section? We always get store credit, so it's not like we're asking for cash. It's just nuts, plain nuts.
We did not end up returning anything. This policy was super ridiculous. So we left, and I was LIVID. The moment I got home I dashed off an e-mail to their corporate headquarters saying that this was a dumb policy, that their big draw was that you could get anything under one roof, and what you're doing for returns they basically ruin that image. I finished it off with the information that I was not going to shop with them again (true), that I was going to tell people about this stupid policy (doing that right now), and that I was going to tell people not to buy stuff for me at Walmart. No reply yet to my e-mail, but I only sent it today around three.
And it's weird, I checked their website and nowhere does says anything like this would happen. My mother checked on her own and didn't see it either. It's the usual Walmart return policy. I even did a Google search to see if other people ran into this issue, and didn't see a thing. Not even on a site that was basically people complaining about Walmart, Target, and K-mart. I really wonder if it's a policy just at this store. Either way my father is planning on going back to the store with a printed online return policy and fighting with them to return it like they should.
Either way I'm done with Walmart. I am really going to try and cut them out of my life after this. If we do get our store credit (like we should) I'm going to try and go to the Siler City one to spend it. Asheboro doesn't deserve me as a customer. But after that we are dunzo.

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