Thursday, December 22, 2011

Actually finished something today!

My sleeping issues continued again last night. I'm not too surprised since it rarely fixes itself after one night. Typically after the first night of poor sleep the next one is a little better, then the next one's a little better, and so on. At least last night was an improvement compared to the night before. It would be terrible it if was worse. Hopefully I'll keep going in the right direction with it. It feels like lately every night's been Christmas Eve and I'm super excited! But I'm not really, I just can't sleep.

Anyway, today I decided to keep working on the stuff on the unfinished project box. I discovered this dress when I was sorting things into keep and put away. Honestly I forgot all about it. It even took me a little time to remember who it was for originally. Since it was a sailor type dress I thought it was for Sweet Sixteen, but after working with it for a bit I remembered that it was something I made for the Canadian Bubblecut but quit when I ran into trouble.
Most of the actual dress was already finished. The sleeves were already in, and the neckline was hemmed. All that needed to be done with that was resew one of the side seams. If I remember correctly the fabric shifted when I was sewing it and it didn't sew both sides, plus the fit was looking terrible, so I quit. Today I fixed that. And like that most of the dress was finished! (It still needed hemming though, and lots of the detail work).
I ended up making a sailor collar for it (I did plan that originally), and edging it with some narrow white ribbon (added the ribbon by hand). I attached the collar, and hated it. I ended up taking off the collar and redoing it three times to get both the fit and the look right. Luckily I had only tacked it down in a couple places so it wasn't that terrible to redo each time. Eventually I got it to look how I wanted it, so I was able to start working on rest parts of it. I did hem it, using the tulle method. But I did pull out the top stitches from the hem and tacked it down by hand. After I was finished with that I added two snaps in the back, using Charlotte as my fit model. This type of dress looks better on the belly button body, the bust to waist to hip ratio fits the pattern better. Vintage dolls are a little too top heavy to make it work, I do have a Malibu doll wearing this pattern, so it sometimes can work. But I digress, I ended up doing the seam reinforcement I usually do. For decoration I made a small bow to go where the collar meets and sewed it on. I was trying something new to make the bow, and liked how it came out. I also added six pearl beads to give it a double breasted look. Sewed the back together and I was done! Finishing this dress took several hours, and that was after most of the initial construction was already done.
And... I'm not in love with it. Don't get me wrong, it's a cute dress. I do like it in that aspect, but it's just not that cute. It's a bit mature for what I was going for. I was thinking about putting this dress on Charlotte's garment rack, but not anymore. It's not her style. Whenever I look at it I see is a dress that should be worn by a famous tap dancer in a 1940's classic film. Someone like Eleanor Powell. And even though it's not for Charlotte anymore, I don't actually dislike this dress, I actually plan on displaying it in the collection. It's going in the Silkstone shelf on Artemis' original body that I broke (it's a sad story) that I use for a dress form. It's a little tricky getting the sleeve over her wide right hand, but with a little work it goes on. (Just can't keep taking it off her or the side seam is going to give out. But it looks good on the form.
She can be my little headless toe tapper.
P.S. If you'd like to know who Eleanor Powell is check out this video of her in action, she's stunning!

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