Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An aversion to Pink.

I started sewing in the morning. Deciding to get another attempt of Ashley's dress in before lunch. I've made three versions of the dress and each of them have been terrible. So this was my final attempt before I gave up. Honestly, if this didn't work out, I was just going to stick her in a paper bag for Christmas for being so difficult. This time I was using a different pattern, so I was a bit hopeful that it would work out. And it actually did! I guess the neckline was what was throwing off the fit of the dress, since that's the only difference between this pattern and the old one. I managed to get most of the machine sewing done. But when I went to try it on her, I was seriously underwhelmed. I always forget that with the silhouette of the dress I chose it could easily look extremely juvenile. And it certainly does this time. So I stopped. I'm not sure if I want to finish it, or just do something entirely different for her. I know that time is quickly running out (I do have until the 7th of January), but I'd prefer to actually like her dress. I'll keep thinking about it, and if I can't think of anything that works, I'll finish this dress just so that she has something.
I also went out shopping today. I could have easily avoided it, but I found a 70's era dress online that I really liked. Annoyingly I didn't have the hot pink on hand to replicate it. I decided that I could use red instead, and started working on the pattern for it (I needed to tweak one a bit). After that was done I went to check my red calico... and there's not enough to make the pattern. I knew that I had only a small section of it left, but didn't think it was that small. So I was forced to go out. Back to Hobby Lobby. I picked up a yard of red calico, so I have it on hand (it's a popular color). I also picked up some hot pink. Of course the only hot pink they had was the most expensive per yard (7.99). I only got a half yard of that. Don't have a whole lot of uses for hot pink, doubt I'll use it all up. I also picked out a spool of matching thread. The only pink thread I have is baby pink, and I knew that it would be pretty glaring if I used it. The total damage? 9.70. Luckily it was under ten because that's all that I had on me. I'm going to have to start avoiding Hobby Lobby again, it's costing me a fortune! And how come whenever I find something I need I never have a coupon??
Back at home I started to work on the dress. It's made from the princess seamed pattern that I most recently used on Mary Clair's Christmas dress. I modified the top to have a deep circle collar. (It will have a shirt that goes under it). This pattern goes together pretty easily, but I did have to redo one side because I messed and made two left pieces. I made pretty decent strides on both the shirt and the jumper tonight. It's just when I went to try it on Malibu Stacey, it looked terrible. It fit fine, it's just the coloring and style wasn't working. The orange skin of the Malibu doll really did not work, like at all with the hot pink. Also when an outfit is so pink, it just looks so cliche. I started sewing to get away from pink on Barbie. It looked better on Charlotte than Stacey, but I still didn't like it. So that's where I stopped. Frustrated by this expensive mistake. Grrrrr!
And finally, I did some online information searching for a pressing desire of mine. I was thinking about my latest Dynamite boy loss (have not heard back from Integrity yet, doubt I will), and with their massive resale price, it might be easier to find one of the older Homme dolls nude for sale at a decent price. Even if it was a bit more than the Dynamite boys, it might be the only way to get an Integrity male doll. So I asked what people thought would be the best price I could possibly afford one of those dolls, and if there was one that wasn't as popular that I should keep my eyes peeled for. I got several people offering me help, which was very nice. A couple people did point me to people who were selling what I wanted, but I couldn't afford it at this moment (and I did say that in my original post). A couple people informed me that the Homme's are bigger than Ken, so shoes and clothes might be difficult to fine (which I knew, but it was nice of them to inform me). I learned that around 70 is the best I'm going to find for a Homme doll. So I was looking around online to see if I could find someone who had one at that price (or less, always the optimist). That's when I stumbled onto Joe Blitman's site. He had a Homme head for 20 dollars! Normally I wouldn't trust a deal like that, but Joe's site been around forever. I cleared it with my parents to get it as one of my Christmas parents, and I ordered it! I'm a little nervous since I haven't paid my money yet, (you order first, then get the shipping price) so I'm just expecting something to derail it. Maybe it's sold out, or the website price was wrong, something like that. I had a terrible time dealing with the website trying to get him into my shopping cart.
Finger's crossed for me people. Here's his picture. Handsome right?

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