Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Everybody!

No doll stuff today, they've taken a backseat to some Christmas stuff. Since I'm expecting there to be a big demand for the oven tomorrow I figured that I should do what I can today with the desserts. So today I made the Cheesecake Mousse pie (no baking involved, but still good to get out of the way), and more chocolate chip cookies. But these I get to eat! They're for tomorrow, but I still had one, I needed to make sure they came out tasty! (That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!) Those are the only desserts we have planned for tomorrow, so I'm all done with those.

Also heads up, our January 7th plans might be changing. My Dad is getting trained on a new machine at work, and they are sticking him on the day shift for a bit, and they're messing up his scheduled and he's now supposed to work on the 7th, so we may not be able to have Fauxmas then. Not that big if a deal, since it's not like I'm waiting for presents or anything. I'm sure we will work out some day we can all get together. I'll post updates when I know anything!

Tomorrow is Christmas! GASP!


  1. Still trying to catch up on your blog, just not enough time yet to sit down and read, but I so miss reading it. It's always like reading a fun story. Hope you had an awesome Christmas and hopefully I'll be all caught up with you before end of year so I can see all you've been up to. Until then this is just a quick hi and bye and letting you know I'm still reading. :-)