Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finally some progress!

I'm still trying to get back to writing on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But again I was lax and skipped a couple of days. But not today! I forced myself to sit down and at least work on something.
I didn't start with Ballad of Submission, since last time I blogged about it I admitted that I felt that I lost my voice in it, I started elsewhere today. I actually started with another story I've been thinking about. Believe me I have no shortage for ideas on what to write. I started a story that's either called "The Hummingbird Prince" or "The Meadowlark Prince", I flip flop on the title. I wrote about a page and a quarter today before I felt that I wanted to work on "The Ballad of Submission". I guess I just needed a refresher to feel comfortable working on it. I opened up the section I was working in last, and decided it needed an entire overhaul. Maybe that's why I had such an issue working with it. I started off on the wrong foot, and it didn't get any better as I kept working on it. I just hate throwing out that entire section that I really worked hard on, but it's what must be done. So I started a new document and typed a few things in. That's as far as I got today. Not a whole lot of writing, but certainly progress. Hopefully I can move forward from this point.
That's not the only progress I made today. I also finally finished that dress I made for Charlotte a while back. Basically I had to just fix the bow in the back, but was so unmotivated to do so. Today I did it. Keeping up with the theme of the Nutcracker for Charlotte's Christmas outfit here we have the harlequin costume from the ballet. Part of my motivation was because I've always loved harlequins and partly because I already had the fabric. I used the "Let's Dance" pattern for it. It's actually three separate pieces. Originally it was going to be a dress with a pair of pantaloons under it, but decided to make the top and skirt separate in order to allow my to use it with just the top and the pantaloons. Of course when deciding that meant I had to redo the pantaloons since my original ones didn't go high enough up to cover her midsection. But enough chatting, please check out the pictures. She's not wearing any ballet shoes because last time I used them they developed a split. I'm going to have to glue them. I hate when shoes split. It's just so terrible.