Friday, December 30, 2011

Getting Caught Up

Been a quiet day here today. I've still been basking in the glow of making that dress yesterday. Charlotte's been wearing it all day, and looking all adorable. I really like this dress, it just came out better than I was expecting. Next time I'm in Hobby Lobby I'm going to have to look at the decorative tulle to see if they have anything like this. I might want to make some more dresses like it.
Even though I really like this dress, I am thinking about how I'm going to store it when Charlotte's done with it. I've already scanned the collection, there's nobody I want to dress in it. I think it would look really great on a Silkstone, but they're all dressed satisfactory to me. And I fail to see the point of redressing someone that I already like what they're wearing. (Could it be time for another Silkstone? (Nope!)) When Charlotte's done wearing it, I'm going to put it on her garment rack. I just need to figure out how to put a strapless dress on a hanger. I'm sure I'll figure something out. I just don't want to stick this dress in a bag, this is a show piece! Plus, if something snagged the tulle, I'd be so livid!
Other than admiring Charlotte and her newest acquisition, I also worked on the blog. My Christmas blog post ended up being a huge post, and it took me several days to write it, edit it, and make sure all the pictures were correct. While I was working on that, I fell behind several days, writing them, but not posting them. I couldn't talk about stuff that happened after Christmas, when I hadn't talked about Christmas, especially since I was referencing stuff that happened on Christmas in the later posts. So I had about five days posts written that was just waiting for me to get the Christmas one posted. So today I sat down and made myself finish the Christmas post, edit it, and publish it. I was then able to get the next two days finished and posted. I'm still a day or so behind (my day after Christmas post ended up being super long too). Why do I feel like I need to write books? Really, I could say the same things just in fewer words.
Anyway, I also went out today (I've gone out the last three days in a row!), but you'll be pleased to know that I didn't get a thing. I didn't go to that many places, but I didn't see anything that I wanted or needed where I did go. So I didn't get anything. I'm not bummed or anything, some trips are just like that. Now if that's the new trend I might have a different attitude, but at the moment it's fine.
Late in the evening I did try and do some sewing. I printed out a pattern and everything, but after looking at it and trying to figure out how it went together I couldn't manage to work it out. So I decided to hold off on it and try something else. I tried working with another fabric from that sewing kit box, but it was the exact opposite of the pink tulle, it was ugly and hard to work with. I didn't even bother finishing it. I just gave up on it. I'm not sure if I'll even keep it to finish it. Might just be something I'll pitch into the trash.
I'm just not that pleased with it.

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