Sunday, December 18, 2011


Today's been a bad day. Seems I woke up under a gray cloud of some sort. Not really sure why I'm in such a funk. Part of the problem may be that I'm waiting for six things in the mail, and all of them had the audacity to not show up yesterday! I know that logically only three things that I'm waiting for could have arrived by yesterday, but still, those are some pretty terrible odds. So now I have to wait for over 24 hours for the option of any of them arriving. And you know me and waiting. We've never been friends.
But that's not the only reason I've been down in the dumps today, I just don't know what else is the matter. So my moods been pretty low, and my motivation even worse.
I did try something doll related, but it didn't work, and the doll is now worse off.
I guess I shouldn't have done that.
Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
Couldn't be worse.

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  1. Your packages will start to arrive tomorrow. I hate the anticipation of packages. I know one of them is a head now what else do you have coming? Inquiring minds (just me) want to know :O)