Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's December!

It's the first of December everyone! Only 24 more days until Christmas! Can you believe it? It's so close! Although, I will say, I didn't wait until December to start setting up for Christmas. Right after Thanksgiving I pulled out the little tree I use on the Bookshelf. I just couldn't wait. In my defense we're going to skip setting up our normal tree this year, so I needed to do something. We decided against it since we have three rambunctious kittens who seem to love getting into trouble. And since they spend a lot of their time in the living room, putting up the tree just seemed like it was going to be trouble. Plus, other than just knocking it over they might want to eat some of the fake pine needles and that could make them sick, or worse. So we're either going to skip it altogether, or are just going to set it up on Christmas. (But I'm thinking we're going to just skip it completely.) But I'm still excited for Christmas! I've already opened the first door in my advent calender and had the chocolate.
Today I actually ended up skipping writing, and went out instead... although I really should have stayed in. You'll understand as you read on. One of the places that we ended up at was the Christian Second hand store. They didn't have anything really interesting, but I did see a few things that I kind of wanted. There were several small toys in the bottoms of the totes that I liked, so I fished them out so I could ask for their pricing. I'm sure at one point they were in bags that got opened and scattered. So I had about a handful of stuff when I heard a commotion from the cash register area. From what I can tell a guy had taken the price sticker off one thing and put it on something else. He has supposedly put a three dollar sticker on a ten dollar item. The woman at the register got a little loud with the man over this, then kicked him out telling him not to come back. I ended up putting the little things I had picked up back. I know I didn't do anything wrong, but I certainly didn't want to get accused of doing anything trying to cheat them. I didn't need anything in my hand that badly. Also while I was there my Dad showed me a couple sewing machine tables they had on sale. They both included machines too. One was ten dollars with some unknown machine, and one was forty with an older Singer. I looked over both of them just for curiosity's sake. I know some sewers have a bit of a sewing machine addiction owning several of them, but I don't. I don't have the money, room, or desire. I own my Kenmore, which I enjoy. One day when he goes off into the big sewing machine beyond I'll be forced to get another one. Until then I'm just fine with the one, although if I found one with some better features I'd certainly be tempted. But certainly don't need another regular sewing machine, or a table. My desk works plenty fine for a table, I don't have any room for another piece of furniture in my room. So really, if it's not broken don't fix it. (Also I can point out there's some things I don't need multiples of, unlike dolls, DVDs, or fabrics.)
So I left there empty handed. Also I ended up at Walmart today. I know, I said that I was going to stop shopping there, and I've been going there every other day it seems. It's just that I'm trying to use up my gift card but they're not making it easy for me. They still don't have any Ken clothes, the only thing I want from there. I really didn't see anything new there at all. It feels like they haven't restocked in the longest. But maybe I'm wrong, either way I also left there empty handed, but not without something new. While I was walking in an isle trying to get to the other side of the store to get my father I shifted over to let someone pass. I guess part of the clear plastic on the shelf was broken and sticking out. Because when I walked past, it stabbed me in the arm. Luckily I was wearing a somewhat thick sweat shirt or else it could really have hurt me. All in all I got a small scrape on my arm, but it still is aching several hours later. Stupid Walmart, first it's detrimental to my mental health then it's actively trying to hurt me. I guess I should really stick to my threats and stay out of there!
Also today I managed to finish Vanessa's holiday dress. It was mostly done, it just needed a few minor touches to finish it up. So this evening I did them. I reinforced a few seams, sewed the back together, and fixed one strap that was not even with the other one. And it was done! And I do like it. I'm just not as in love with it as I'd hoped. The back doesn't close all the way, so there's a bit of a gap in the back, which is so annoying. Especially after all that work I did taking it apart so it wouldn't gap. Can't win them all I suppose. I'm sure I'll come around with the outfit and like it more, she's going to be wearing it a while after Christmas too. It's easier to get her hands into this dress than her suit jacket! P.s. the blurry picture is the sides of the skirt to show off the gores I made for it.

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