Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's like the North Pole in here!

A super cold day today. Honestly I think it's the coldest today that it's been so far this winter. I tried going about my business ignoring the frigidness, but I broke down and set up the heater just before lunchtime. I tried bundling up, but there's only so long you can last with frozen fingers before you crack. It was either me cracking on the heater, or my fingers cracking off. And I like having a full set of those! And let me tell you, the heat feel so good! Being warm is gives you a greater chance to get off your rear and doing something productive, than just sitting there under the covers trying to keep from freezing.
I was even motivated to get some sewing done this afternoon. Nothing fancy, but something I wanted to try for Skipper, or at least another attempt at something I had already tried. I made a dress a while back, but it ended up in the unfinished project box. Today I pulled it out and tried adding some things to it to make it better in my opinion. I even went as far as to make a shirt to go under it, but nothing I tried really worked, so eventually I gave up on it. I returned it to the box, and added the new shirt that went along with it. Maybe one day I'll go back to it for a third time, but that's not for a while. I did not however work on Ashley's dress or fix the bow on that other dress.
I also did some cleaning, I still need to make some more progress with that. Even though I've been working on that the past few days I still feel like nothing's in it's rightful place. Part of the problem is that I'm putting away a lot of little things. Things that need to be done, but when you step back and look at the big picture, doesn't make it feel like you accomplished a whole lot. I mean today, I cleaned out the accessory drawer in the Barbie stuff. I was able to finally close the drawer (after I moved out all the purses), but my desk is still a mess. I'd love to finally clear it off, but there's several things there that actually don't have a home. So I keep living around them. I'll bet tomorrow I'll do more little things like that, leaving so many things cluttered.
Anyway, I also finally started working on my Christmas cards today! I've been putting them off something fierce. Not sure why though, I'm usually much more on the ball about those. I don't have many people on my list, but still I was ignoring them. Today I bit the bullet and started to work on them. I think that this year I have 13 people on my list. Family mostly, some friends, and a few people from online that I want to send them to. Couple less than last year, but I'm not going to keep sending cards to people who don't seem interested. Today I managed to muscle through and get eight of them written, address, sealed, and given the appropriate Disney Princess sticker on the back. Tomorrow I hope to get the final five done and all of them stamped so I can get them into the mail on Monday!
Christmas is coming!

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