Saturday, December 3, 2011

I've been pinning for you

I got to do some work on a dress today. It was one of those been in the back of my mind for a while, and it was high time to give a hand at making it and either finishing it or giving up on it. Part of the reason why I was putting it off was the sheer amount of pinning I'd have to do to make it. I like the look of it, but it is a bit tedious. Sadly it didn't work out at all how I wanted it. It just took me several hours and several different versions of the dress to get to that conclusion. I wish I had learned that sooner, but at least I know that now.
So clearly no pictures of that mess. Finally I leave you with an e-mail I sent Integrity toys the other day. They released another Dynamite boy doll, again in a severely limited amount that quickly sold out. And that bothered me since they must have known the response to their first release. So I decided that I'll never have one of those dolls, and I'm slowing getting okay with that. But I figured that the company should know that their practices have kept me from being a customer so I sent them an e-mail. I doubt I'll get a response, but it made me feel better to share my feelings.

"Dear Integrity Toys,

I write to you with a heavy heart, because I wished to be a customer of yours, but it seems not to be possible. I am a collector on a very limited budget, made even more limited by the current economy and my financial situation. I must make my dolly dollars stretch as far as they can go. And while I do enjoy your products, that enjoyment must be purely visual since I cannot afford the majority of your products. And I don't fault you for that. Your products are the highest of quality and should get the top dollar for them. But last year I saw that you added a male doll to the Dynamite girls line, several in fact. And I applauded you for that fact since I would adore having a handsome, well made, articulated male doll that was within my budget. But sadly I was not fast enough on pre-order day, and every single seller was quickly sold out. This makes sense because of the high demand, and the fact that you limited his release to 350 dolls. Yes, I was sad, yes I hoped to purchase him on the second hand market, but with his high demand prices were always to be out of my price range. And so I made peace with this fact. We cannot always get what we want.
But again, I was burned by your selling practices. Again you released a Dynamite boy doll, but again you limit his number to 350 dolls, meaning he will be again in short supply from dealers and unable to purchase on the second hand market. Perhaps this may be your intention. I was shocked to see this on one of the sites of your official carriers "
NOTE; We no longer take orders for wait list if we have any cancellations those dolls will be put up for auction on e bay." You can see it yourself on Pat's Potpourri; Your own seller is fueling the massive resale gouge on these dolls. I understand the first year when you may not have anticipated the wide interest in the doll, but I would have thought the second releases would be larger based on the fact how quickly the original dolls sold out. I don't understand the continued marketing strategy of making such a limited amount of dolls when the demand is so high. I do understand not wishing to saturating the market Mattel style to keep the dolls resale values high, but when the doll is in such high demand from such limited numbers it's price increases immediately after the release. And people took advantage of it. I saw countless dolls put up for resale as soon as they arrived. People would gouge their fellow collectors, and sadly some people would pay the amount to get such a limited doll. Collectors who really wanted the doll were forced to shell out huge amounts of money to purchase them. Is it really your intent to facilitate a situation that gouges collectors like that?
And I for one, am done. I collect dolls for the enjoyment. And your practices have created a situation in my own collection of sadness, coveting, and disappointment. Feelings that I don't really wish to be brought into my enjoyment of the hobby. So I will no longer feel bad that I do not own a Dynamite Girl boy, because I'm going to forget they exist, because of your limited numbers, they practically don't. I wish you would rethink your release numbers, since there are clearly more of a demand for these products.

From a former potential customer,"

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  1. BRAVO!! I feel EXACTLY the same way. And here is another thing to consider. Within minutes of them posting the newest dynamite boy for sale he was already gone. I know this because I was going to buy him. It's ridiculous. I will still buy a Kyu eventually, even though I know I'll over pay. But I don't even care about the girl dolls. I own one, a Kyori, and the rest of my Integrity purchases have been male.

    Please post the reply you receive, if you do indeed receive one.

    Thank you for posting this!