Friday, December 23, 2011

Last minute shopping, always a thrill!

Just a quick update on my sleep issues. Last night was better than the night before, although it was still far from ideal. Adding onto my sleep troubles I had some weird and upsetting dreams. It's just unusual that these dreams that upset me so are the product of my own imagination. Why would my own mind do something like that?
I just don't get me sometimes.
Not a whole lot on the doll front. I did color fast the dress I finished yesterday in an effort to keep it from staining. When it was dry I put it on the body and put it back on the bookshelf. It really looks good up there. Makes me kind of wish I had a head to go along with it (kind of). I like it more than the dress that was there previously, although that was supposed to be a temporary fashion that ended up staying there for several months. But now that dress is packed away in the spares bag, and I doubt it'll ever see the light of day again, unless someone needs a Halloween costume.
No chance to do any sewing today because... I went out! Don't ask me why I was going out two days before Christmas, I was invited, so I ended up going. I really didn't need to go, and it was in my best interest to stay in, but I went anyway. I ended up visiting the local antique stores, not my idea, but I went along with it. Nothing new at either store (I was there not that long ago), and whatever vintage Barbie dolls that still were there are out of my price range. So I left there without anything thing, but really, I don't need anything.
Most of the stores were a madhouse today. No shock since it's two days before Christmas, but still there was much more traffic than normal. The Walmart plaza was a madhouse. I didn't go into Walmart (My father did to get a new truck battery), but I went to the Dollar Store instead. Nothing exciting there either. They were also super busy, I ended up leaving without buying anything. I did check for those paper dolls that came with the plastic hangers but I haven't seen them in a while so they must be sold out. Luckily I picked up several when they were in stock, but they were a cheap and easy source for Barbie hangers. I'd love to get other (better) hangers, but don't have an easy source to find them. Maybe I should learn how to make them...
Anyway, I also visited a second hand store while out. We were planning on stopping into all three, but as the day went on and we got stuck longer in stores than usual we had to cross two of them off the list (plus eventually I just wanted to get home and stay there!). We only visited the Christian Second Hand store. We had been there earlier in the week, so I wasn't expecting to find much. I was hoping something I was looking at last time I was there might still be there, but no luck, it was gone. Not that big of a deal, I really didn't need it. I was half heartily poking around the craft section when I found this bag of doll shoes. I kind of think I've seen it before, but I could be mistaking it for something else. Either way, there looked to be a pair of shoes that could fit Chatty Cathy. I pulled out my handy dandy foot template and held it up against the bottom of the shoe. It looked like the shoe was shorter, but wider than the template. The shoes seem to have a little give, so I opened up the package and tried to see if the template would fit inside. It did... but only after it bent and wedged itself into the shoe, so I had to pry it out of the shoe. It's hard doing that while trying to be discreet. I bet I looked extremely sketchy trying to remove it. I decided on getting the shoes. They had the possibility to fit, and for only fifty cents I really should at least try. If they didn't work I could always see if one of my Flickr friends or somebody could use them. Before checking out I made a quick scope of the dolls they have displayed on the children's clothing rack. Usually they're porcelain dolls, and not anything I'd pay to own. This time I saw a doll with an interesting face. She looked a lot like a Madame Alexander doll. So much like one in fact I checked her for markings. I couldn't find any on her, but her dress was tagged. Heidi by Madame Alexander, Made in New York, New York. Well that answers that question. I ended up getting her, she's pretty dirty, and missing several of her accessorizes, plus most of the elastic in her clothes have stretched out, but I still thought she had potential. She's a cute doll, but I'm not planning on keeping her. I'm planning on cleaning her up and reselling her. I'm not expecting to get much for her, but maybe someone will want her for a little profit. And plus, I would be happy knowing that she's going to someone who will cherish her compared to someone who would just wreck her. She's Madame Alexander for pete sake!
At home I ended up starting off by washing her tights. The spots came out, but the large yellow areas of discoloration didn't. Not really sure what to do about that. I also tried the shoes on Chatty Cathy ...............................................................................................................................
and they fit! You can see where her big toe is in the shoe, but for the most part they fit pretty decently. This brings her total to... six pairs of shoes. These are her only pair of vintage shoes. I know they're vintage because they're marked "Made in America", not something you see now a days. They're also marked "9 1/2 T", I assume the T is for toddler. They need a decent scrub, but I'm happy they fit her. Poor girl needs as many shoes as she can get. With her new shoes I was finally motivated to redress both Chatty Cathy dolls in something a little less summery. My brunette ended up in a white with pink roses dress I made a while back. My blonde ended up wearing a scarlet top and a jean jumper (I had to censor the below image, the jumper has a nasty habit of showing off her underwear). I looked through the Chatty Cathy clothing box while picking out their new clothes, there's a lot of early sewing work in there. I've improved a lot since I made some of these, which is understandable, Chatty Cathy is the doll that really motivated me to start sewing in the first place.Sadly, she's not the doll to get me motivated to sew something new for her!
Sorry Chatty Cathy!

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