Monday, December 12, 2011

Let there be light!

I'm proud today to announce that I got all my Christmas cards done today! I'm also proud to announce that the doll dress I made sold from my Etsy store! I ended up lowering the price to ten dollars, but getting rid of the free shipping in order to motivate it to sell before Christmas. And it sold late last night. And I wanted to get it into the mail ASAP so the buyer could get it before Christmas. I also had another package to get into the mail. My Dad needed to be around to meet the Furnace guy and the plumber, but after that we could go out to the post office. The furnace guy was here before eight and was able to get everything squared away pretty quick. The plumber arrived later and needed to work longer to fix our pipes. Apparently our pipes are "M" class, which is the thinnest pipes you can use in a house and be up to code. They work for a short period of time, but will eventually start leaking. We're going to have to eventually replace all the pipes with something thicker, just wonderful.
I didn't find all this out until after the plumber left. He and my dad replaced what we did yesterday with some plastic pipes. I was busy upstairs writing out the last of the Christmas cards and getting two packages ready to go out into the mail. I'm pleased to say that I managed to get all of them done and ready to go well before we had to leave. They're all in the mail system and out of my hands. Although the line at the post office was terrible. I heard that today was supposed to be the busiest shipping day and it sure seemed like it.
After the post office I made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby. After hearing that the delightful Dorrie got her sewing machine light bulb there, I wondered if they would have a replacement one for mine as well. My light burned out over six months ago, and I haven't found a way to replace it. I checked Sears online, and the bulb they recommended was sold out, and I was a little wary of purchasing a bulb randomly online. So since it burned out I've been sewing in the dark, which is doable during the day, but at night, and especially with dark fabrics, is terrible. So I was really hoping they had one that would work for me. At home I checked the type of bulb I had, and took some reference pictures with my phone. At the store they had two types, the screw in kind, and the bayonet kind. Mine was the bayonet type, although my original bulb looked bigger in the picture, I decided to buy it and at least try it. At worst I was out 2.66, and at best I'd be able to see again!
Luckily, the bases were the same, but I was right the bulb was smaller. But it did work! I finally have light again, and if it ever burns out again, I know where to get a replacement. I'm so happy that it's working again. When it was out I sometimes forgot to check to see if the power was off. I'd go sit down at the machine to sew, and turns out it was still on from the last time. Oops! Oh well, not anymore. And I saw lots of interesting things over on the Sewology wall. Most of them are new from the most recent Hobby Lobby fabric department reorganization. Next time they're on sale I'm going to be getting some stuff there!
I also worked on another version of Ashley's dress. It also has fit issues. I'm going to have to try something else.

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