Saturday, December 17, 2011

A NDR (Not Doll Related) day

Well, sort of. I did start my day with the start of cleaning those dirty dolls from the bag. I'm going to clean them slowly a bit at a time to make sure I'm really getting them clean. I started with a couple of heads from the bag, Free Movin' P.J. and Miss America. They both washed up really nicely, and I was able to brush out their hair. I did feel a little bad breaking P.J.'s original curls, but they were messy and there's no way I was going to chance them spreading mold. Getting rid of mold trumps hair curls every time. I did try to re-curl P.J.'s hair, but didn't like the look, so I ended up washing out what I did.
Now, I have a thought I wish to ponder (type?) out loud. Now that I have a second Miss America head, I certainly know that my original one has had a hair cut. I've been toying with the idea of swapping heads with my original one, but have my reservations. I would feel bad just using that first doll for her body, especially since the only thing that's wrong with her is her haircut, but if I went out of my way to get her another body I'd be left with two Miss Americas, and really do I want two Miss America's? I'm not in love with the Steffie face mold (she's currently the only doll in the collection that has that face), and she's really modern for the vintage collection. I've been on the fence about the 70's dolls. I don't actively seek them out (except the Malibu gang), but when I find them for a good price I am compelled to get them. Perhaps I should make a shelf of just 70's dolls? That way they're there but not really mingling with the 60's dolls. I don't know, does that sounds elitist?
Anyway, the rest of today was filled with non-doll stuff. Cooking basically. My father was having a company holiday potluck thing, he needed to make some cookies. Or actually I needed to make some cookies, which was fine, except I wasn't asked, I was told that I was making cookies. Which isn't too bad, he's my father so I guess he can do that. So I set about making them today, since he needed them tonight. Also I made some tomato soup cake, just because I wanted to. I've been craving it lately, plus it would give me something I could actually eat. The cookies I had to make, and send on their way, which is the worst part of baking for someone else. If I'm baking it, I think I deserve to eat it too! Total Little Red Hen syndrome.
But baked goods weren't the only thing on the agenda. Since we still had our turkey from Thanksgiving, it was time to either make soup or throw it out. So today I made soup. not wishing to throw out a still edible bird. In order to make soup one of the first steps is you have to rip off all the meat from the bird by hand. It gets pretty gross. I'd say you'd enjoy it if you were a serial killer, but alas I'm not. (Although judging from the body parts in the room at the moment I could pass for one.) But luckily it's over pretty quick if you really dig in, and even I gathered a small pile of scraps for the dogs and cats to eat (they just loved me). After adding the potatoes, onions, and spices (no carrots, it's a long story) I left it to simmer on the stove. We had it for dinner tonight. It actually came out decent, although truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of home made soup. I just made it because I didn't want the turkey to spoil and have to throw it out. I'll still eat it, but would never go out of my way to make it. But it's done, and I can make it again after the 7th. Maybe I can make it more to my liking then?

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