Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Not Doll Related Day, like at all

Today was a crazy day. One of those days where had you known what the afternoon would have held you might have planned your morning better so you might actually get something done. It was another cold day, so cold in fact that we were going to start the furnace up. But when we tried to get it running, it would not start. So that meant we were going to have to call the furnace guy. And in order to have him come in, we were going to have do move some stuff around in the basement to make his job easier. So that's how I spent my afternoon, getting that all organized. Eventually it was just my brother and I doing some mopping to clean up the floor. My dad went upstairs since we only had two mops. It was then that we noticed a leak in one of the pipes down there. We called out dad down to look at it, then it was decided that we needed to fix it, NOW! Annoyingly, whoever set up the water system in the basement did a real shoddy job (and several other shoddy jobs in the house too), and we couldn't easily fix the leak. We had to take apart a pretty decent section of the pipe system to work on it, shutting off the water to the house while we did it.
We ended up breaking part of the pipe in an effort to get it apart, so my dad had to go out and get some new supplies so we could fix it. When he came back, we got back to work. We were cutting pipes, sautering the seals (and setting off the smoke alarm in the process), and fitting the new fittings. We also ended up fitting a new valve into the system as well. But when we had installed it, the stupid valve leaked. No matter what we did the darn thing leaked. And when my dad gets frustrated with something he gets mad and lashes out at whatever is causing the problem. Around 7:40 we ended up calling it quits for the night. We had been working in the basement for over 6 hours. We ended up calling a plumber too, he was going to come tomorrow as well. This meant we didn't have any water for the night. Needless to say, I did not get my final five Christmas cards written out. I was far too drained to think about them, much less write them.

Ironically that was not the only drama of the day. Today was dramatic in other ways too. I'll explain. Recently I've been talking to someone online. They seemed interesting, and we did have some things in common, so I thought we could be friends. We went so far as to add each other on Facebook. But when I would contact them on Facebook, they would never seem interested in chatting with me. Most of our conversations was me asking superficial questions in an effort to get to know them. The other person wouldn't really try to continue the conversation, and would even sign off several times during our chats. I even asked them if they were having connection problems, but apparently, that's how they chat, which I felt was incredibly rude. If you need to leave, you should at least give me some sort of heads up. But after trying to chat with them three different times over a couple of days I really felt like it was going nowhere, and they really didn't want to be my friend. So I removed them from my Facebook. If you're not going to talk to me, I see no reasons to be friends. I'm not a baseball card that you can add to your collection of "friends". Also by removing them, I wouldn't be tempted to contact them again, I have a nasty habit of contacting people when I know I shouldn't. It's a temptation issue. Quite honestly, I didn't even think they'd notice that I was gone since their response to me so far had been lukewarm at best. That was all yesterday before bedtime.
Today around 3 I message from from them, berating me for removing them as a friend. They went even went so far as to swear at me, although ironically they censored themselves, which is annoying. If you're going to swear at me, man up and actually do it. Don't do some lame little ***** nonsense. Anyway, I was shocked to have such an outburst from them, like I said I really got the vibe that they didn't want to talk to me. And I can't even contact them to respond to them, they blocked me. It's bothering me a little, but I'm not going to be losing any sleep over this.
Honestly, I might have dodged one crazy, crazy bullet.
People are weird.

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