Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Nutcracker has been Cast!

Do you guys remember a little bit back when I asked people to pick between "Night, Party, or Act Two"? Well, what you guys were really voting on was Charlotte's new Christmas costume. After she gave up her original dress to Mary Clair I was trying to think of something that was Christmas related, but not too cliche, and different from what everyone else was already wearing. But then I realized something that was exactly what I was looking for, "The Nutcracker"! It fit perfectly what I wanted, plus it would allow me to make another ballet costume that Charlotte seems to oddly favor. So that's why I asked you all that poll. Clara has basically three major costume changes, her nightgown (Night), her party dress (Party), and her true ballet costume after her transformation (Act Two). And I'm pleased to announce that Party won out, so I'll be making her a party dress with some ballet elements.
But, there needed to be something that would take it away from being just another pretty party dress. I decided that Charlotte needed a prop, her very own nutcracker so that people could easily tell who's she's supposed to be. But 1:6 appropriate nutcrackers are difficult to find, shockingly enough. I checked out all the local second hand stores, Walmart, and Hobby Lobby. I found a lot of Nutcrackers, but nothing small enough. It would look silly to have Charlotte standing next to a taller than her nutcracker. The best one I found was one that was Kelly sized one at Hobby Lobby. But that one was designed for some sports team and was painted to look like he was wearing a football uniform, which was not really the nutcracker I wanted. They also wanted five dollars for it (it was ten, but half off). I tried seeing if they had the same sized nutcracker without the sport tie in (and price that went along with it), but no luck. All the other ones were bigger, and the smaller ones of those were sold in an expensive set. So I decided to keep looking, I mean you never know what you're going to find in the second hand stores, and I still had plenty of time.
I also did some checking online, trying to see if what I wanted was even out there. Maybe nobody's ever made a 1:6 scale nutcracker before. I was over on Etsy when I saw something that reminded me of something. I walked over to my inset bookcase and pulled this little guy down.This lone soldier is a leftover from my childhood. I don't remember much about him, but he was one of several. He has a round hole in the bottom that you could use to line all of the figures up in lines on a board with pegs on it. I must have gotten this before I had Barbie, (I got my first Barbie when I was five so he's older than that.) and he's the only one left. He came down to North Carolina recently when I cleared out the last of my stuff from the storage unit. I stuck him on the bookshelf where I have a lots of other knickknack stuff, some of it from childhood, and promptly forgot about him. Until I saw something online that jostled out the fact that he was just mere feet away. He's amazingly in scale, and doesn't look odd when Charlotte's holding him. He's not an exact nutcracker clone, but it sure works for me. He's cute, he's small, and he's free. That's Stacey's hand in the picture, I kept it in for scale. It's weird how things work out sometimes!

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