Monday, December 19, 2011

The Postmas must love me... Not!

I had two goals that I set for myself this morning. Finish Ashley's dress and redress Kelly and Tommy into something more Christmas appropriate. I only managed to complete one of these things today, redressing Kelly and Tommy. I originally had hoped to sew them something, but after the pattern got messed up in printing and all my efforts in making them something failed, I decided they could wear something they already had. Kelly got a fancy dress, tights, and coat, and Tommy got black pants and a holiday inspired sweater. I know it used to have a hat too, but that's long gone. And so they were finished for the "Holiday party" that's going on on that shelf. Did you know there's 11 dolls on that shelf (currently), and five of them are wearing clothes I didn't make, (Joe, Blaine, Kelly, Tommy, and Modern Circle) one of them is wearing a dress I made last year (Artemis), and five of them will be wearing something new that I made for them just this year (Ashley, Mary Clair, Midge, Charlotte, and Vanessa). It's been both a productive and a non-productive month. I'll have made five dresses (at least) by the end of the month, but none of them are permanent. And worse, I like a lot of the silhouettes of the dresses more than their usual outfits, so several of them are possibly going to get their current dresses remade in non-holiday fabrics. (I never can win!)
But even with Kelly and Tommy dressed, that left me with one goal not completed. Sadly, I did not get that done, I didn't even touch Ashley today, much less finish her outfit. Instead it was a going into town sort of day. That's right shopping! I even hit up all three second hand stores. (Won't be able to do that again until after the Holiday) Picked up a couple stocking presents for my sister, her husband, and my brother there. They're a little dusty, but too cute to pass up. It's those wooden figures with the elastic in them. When you press the base they fall "apart" and when you release it they pop back up. They had a cat (my sister), dog (my brother), and a reindeer (Sister's husband). Originally I was going to give the dog to my brother-in-law (weird to type), but it was too cute. Not sure if they would keep them or just toss them, but I wouldn't want them to throw out the dog. So I'm giving it to my brother instead. He's less likely to just dump something like that. And if he does want to get rid of it, I can take it. I don't really want it either, would just hate to see it tossed out. Didn't get anything at the Salvation Army. I almost got something at the Christian Second Hand store, but I wasn't fast enough. I saw some of those cute knee hugging elves, but before I could get to them some woman picked them up. I was hoping she'd put them down, but she never did. I watched her out of the side of my eye hoping she'd decided against them, but she never did. I gave up when she put them into her cart. HER CART. I've never purchased so many things at that store at one time to need a cart, but apparently she did. She could have least left something good for the rest of us! I'm bothered by it, and was annoyed more so at the time, (with the fact that I wasn't quick enough) but I'm trying to get past it. It's not like I lost out on a vintage Barbie or anything. (If that happened I'd be livid!)
I also went to Walmart, to pick up a fashionista Ken. I was hoping to have the Homme head in hand before I got the body, but the mail hadn't come yet today. Also there wasn't much of a point in trying to see what skin tone he had since Ken and Ryan both had the same skin tone, so my options were limited. I was a little worried they'd be all sold out (just my luck), but they weren't. They had both of them, so had to choose. I liked Ken's clothing better than Ryan's, but I really couldn't see myself using either of their outfits. I'd much rather make something instead. Lately with my sewing improved I'm more likely to make something than use what I already have or buy something. I just buy clothes if it's on sale and I kind of like it or I want the shoes. I ended up picking Ryan, not because I thought I could use his clothes (I have no intention for using his Ed Hardy inspired outfit), but because of his shoes. He's wearing a pair of boating shoes, just like what I wear! His are gray, and a bit dull, but it's a start. They've used this shoe mold before, but I've never gotten around to getting. It seemed a little silly to spend all that money for just a pair of shoes for Ken. Especially since that style wouldn't work for the vintage dolls, and they're who I usually dress. Maybe if Joe could still wear Ken shoes I might, but as of this moment, he can't. But now I have a pair, so when he can wear Ken shoes again, he has that option. And honestly, shoes are the only things I could see myself using from either of their outfits.
That's all I got while out, but now that my Walmart gift card is finished I can stop obsessing about using it up. Now I can say goodbye to that corporate monster! Peace out! Even with my limited purchases, (Ha, I call getting an entire new doll limited) at home I had some things waiting for me. Remember yesterday as I was complaining about how nothing I was waiting for showed up on Saturday? Well today it was a total glut of stuff for me. I got my father's Christmas present in the mail, it's just some vintage German stamps like last year. I was wondering when this was going to come, I ordered it a while back, and for something that was shipped in a regular envelope it took a lot longer than I was expecting. I'd ordered it well before some of the other stuff that also arrived today. Also in the mail was a present from a Flickr friend. I sent him a couple things a while back that I thought he would like and he was kind enough to send me some fabric! Ah fabric, a terrible legal addiction. He sent me some salmon colored organza, some light blue organza, some bronze satin like fabric, and a small bit of this green velvet. If I name any of the fabrics incorrectly, forgive me, I really don't know my fabrics all that well. I'm not experienced in fabrics at all. Wasn't it awesome of him to give this to me? Let me tell you, there's not a lot of that velvet, but it's so soft. The cat likes it too, he was sleeping on it tonight. I can't wait to find a project to use them on. And for our final item in the mail for me, we had the Homme head! Good thing I bought the body today, or he'd be a man without a leg to stand on, and I'd be super annoying until I could get out and get him his body. Remember how I talked about opening him now or waiting until the 7th? Yeah, I barely made it into the house before I was opening him and doing a head swap. But first, let me say he was packaged wonderfully, in a box with packing peanuts and everything. Honestly I thought he'd just come in an envelope. Anyway, in short order Ryan's head was off, I'd trimmed the neck posts, and heated up Pierre's head up enough to put on the body. His head did fit, luckily. He is however not the best skin tone match. Pierre (that's his character name, I didn't name him that) is a bit more orange-red than the Ken body. It's not too extreme, but not perfect, but he and I can (and will) live with it.
After he got paired up with his body I went though all my Ken clothes and had him try on a bunch of different clothes. And I learned... that I have some seriously ugly Ken clothes, just downright hideous. But I still tried a bunch of them on him and had a bit of a chuckle. This was my first experience with the Fashionista Ken body as well. It seems like he has different proportions than the Ken's I'm used to. I think his legs are longer, or his crotch is lower. I had a lot of my pants not hit correctly on him. Also he's thinner than the older Ken dolls. I had lots of loose waistbands in pants on him. And he can't wear vintage pants because his feet are too big.
Eventually he ended up in the black shirt from the Ken basics pack I got recently and the only pair of pants I found that fit him. I made them a while back, for Joe I think. They have some issues (including some hanging threads in the inseam), but they fit. I do like how he can wear most of the Ken shoes I have. He's wearing the monk boots that came in the basics pack.
For the time being he's hanging out on Charlotte's shelf, but I'm not sure he'll end up living there. I'm not really sure where he belongs. This may sound absolutely terrible, but I'm not really that impressed with him. I'm not sure if it's just my over inflated expectations coming down to reality now that I have him in person, but I'm not just in love with him as I'd hoped. Maybe I'm having issues with the Ken body (who would have guessed that he would have less mobility than the fashionista body, Ken can't even spread his legs at the hip. He does however have pivotal knees that aren't as weak as Barbie's though.), maybe it's the head sculpt, or the hair. (It's long, but short, can't really do anything with it) or maybe it's the fact that he's not my first choice (unlike Vanessa who was my favorite FR doll.).
Either way, I'm glad I have him, if only to quell that annoying voice in my head that complains about not have a Homme doll.
I finally shut him up! (Maybe I'll warm up to Pierre eventually.)

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