Monday, December 5, 2011

Some Outside of the House stuff

I'll start with the bad news first. No pictures of the dress today. Last night when I was taking the dress off Charlotte I accidentally pulled off the bow in the back. It's a simple fix, I assume the knot holding the thread slipped when I tugged on the back. I'm sure fixing it would take 5 minutes, tops. Sadly, I'm not motivated enough to go back and fix the bow. While it's a cute dress, I just don't really care for it that much. What's weird is I can't pinpoint why I don't like it. I cared enough to work on it for two days, remake several parts of it, and even go as far as to finish it, but why can't I be bothered to go and finish the bow on the back? Right now it's on the pink dress form posed in the middle of the vintage shelf. Charlotte isn't even wearing it. I made it for her, and she wore it for less than ten minutes before I took it off her. And it wasn't even like I took it off her to give to someone else, I just didn't care for her in it. Maybe I'll warm up to it, that's happened before, but if I don't, not that big of a deal it will just go live a bag for the rest of it's life. I guess that's one of the joys of sewing for the collection, if I don't like something, I know the next new thing is just around the corner!
But not today. I didn't get to do any sewing today because I went out today instead. I wanted to pick up several things, plus the weather was super nice so I wanted to get out and enjoy it. Might not get many more of those days for a while. (How sad!) I hit up all three second hand stores today. It's been a while since I went to all three in one day, but I didn't get a thing. I almost got some fabric at the Christian Second Hand store, but I had to ask myself, was I getting it because I could use it, or did I just want to get something? I couldn't think of a use for the fabric, so I left it. I also hit up Hobby Lobby today. Been a while since I stopped in there. I had hopped to take advantage of their 99 cent Simplicity pattern sale, but the one pattern I was looking for wasn't there. Not that big of a deal, I didn't need it, I was hoping to pick it up as a spare. I checked out the fabrics while I was there. I saw a couple of new fabrics. Several of them tempted me, but out of the three that I liked I really couldn't think of a project that I needed to make with them. And since they weren't on sale I figured that I could hold off getting them. Now that I know about them I can think about what projects I can make with them, then go back and get some if I think of something. Now I just need to figure out what I can make out of an cotton fabric with an over sized sock monkey print. (It was so cute!)
I also hit up Walmart (briefly, and making sure I kept myself away from any pointed shelves that wished to injure me) to check out their Ken clothes situation. And guess what, they had some! And guess what, I didn't get any! I know, I'm a weird one like that, complaining about them not having them, but when they do I don't get them. It's just I was looking at the clothing (three different packs), and I noticed issues with each of them. The pink plaid tuxedo was plain tacky, and it looked like the sleeve openings was really small, the sweater outfit had pants made of a terrible cheap fabric, and the beachwear outfit was pretty simple. Nothing really that was my style. Plus at the moment Joe can't wear the shoes, and when he gets his body upgrade I don't think most of the clothes will fit. So I left them. But I'm already rethinking that choice...
After my quick trip through Walmart I stopped into the Dollar Tree. I needed to pick up some Christmas cards, so I could get those out soon. My choices were extremely limited, and a bit boring. I ended up with some snowman cards that were the best of the bunch. I think I have a couple left over from last year so I can use those too. I also picked up two of those Nutcrackers I talked about last time I went out. Even though I don't need them for Charlotte's costume anymore I still wanted to get some for decorations for my room. I picked one of the red ones with the sword (who was my favorite of all the options), and one with blue glitter arms, who is weaponless (He's fabulous enough without a weapon). Not sure where on the bookshelf to display them, but I'm sure I'll find somewhere to put them. Even if they don't fit on the bookshelf, there's plenty of other spaces in my room I could put them. I also bought two pairs of socks while out. Not for me, for Ashley. She's the solo female doll that I don't have any real idea how to dress for Christmas. I saw some Holiday socks in the store, and they looked like good ideas for making a doll sweater. So I bought them, but I'm a little worried. I have the worst luck when making doll clothes from socks. I don't think I've ever made something I liked from a sock.
Wish me luck!

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