Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sort of an improvement

Slept better last night, thank goodness. I'm still a bit groggy since I didn't fully catch up on my sleep, but a step in the right direction is always a good thing. But whenever I'm tired like this my motivation is shot, I just don't want to start any project, big or small.
But I did work on something. I tried to make that Sweater for Ashley's Christmas outfit. Sadly all I manged to do was cut up and destroy a pair of socks. And I need to come with terms with one simple statement, I cannot make anything decent from socks. I have tried, oh have I tried. But at this time I have only had one thing that actually lasted long enough to be finished (and I don't even like it). Everything else gets messed up and discarded. I'm not really sure why I have such a terrible time when making socks, but I'm done. I will not waste my time or effort on another sock. (Let's see if I can stick with that!)
But I did get something productive done. Today I went and cleaned several shelves on the bookcase. I took off everyone on the Vintage shelf, Charlotte's Shelf, the Japanese doll shelf, the vintage runoff shelf, and the media bookshelf. I dusted the shelves then put everyone back, checking everyone to see how they were doing. Good thing I did that. Turns out the fabric softener hadn't been fully washed out of Momoko's hair. Her hair elastics were discolored (yellow), and breaking when I was undoing them. Her hair was also discolored under the elastics. I ended up rinsing her hair several times trying to get all the fabric softener out. I also was able to fix her hair. Part of her thatched part had migrated over to the wrong side leaving her with a small bald spot, so really the hair wash was in her best interest. I also replaced Cosette's hair elastic (it snapped on me), and washed Molly and Allen's greasy faces. I also switched around the dolls on the lower vintage shelf. I'm still not totally in love with how they're all arranged, but I can deal with it. That's what happens when it's just all the random vintage dolls I've collected recently. It's not as structured as the actual vintage shelf. I'm sure in time as the collection grows and changes I will keep fine tuning it. Right now Julia's in the center of the shelf, that I do like!

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