Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sort of like yesterday... but better!

Went out again today, totally forgot that today was supposed to be a writing day. I'll make it up by giving a review of what I bought, since everything I bought was something anybody could pick up in their local stores (ideally).
I started off at Walmart to pick up some Ken clothes. I left them yesterday, but I decided to go back and pick up two outfits after more thought. The first one I picked out was this winter sweater outfit. All the pictures from this post are from Amazon, and will be removed if asked. You can also purchase this outfit from Amazon, just for almost doubled what I paid for it. It cost me 5.89 at Walmart, Amazon wants 11.99! (Madness!)
I liked this outfit basically because of the sweater, I do like sweaters and I wish Joe had more to pick from. It does fit Joe (and I was happy to see it fully opens in the back), but I do not like how it looks on him. With it's slightly effeminate colors, plus the unusual details at the neckline it looks more like a woman's sweater. I really wish that Mattel would "butch" up Ken's clothes. I understand he's basically a glorified accessory to Barbie, but he doesn't need to match her. Just cut pink totally out of his wardrobe, every single shade of it. I'm sorry, but every Ken I tried this shirt on it make him look like a pansy. It looks better on Barbie as a sweater dress then on Ken. The pants are that terrible fake "corduroy" that Mattel's been using forever. I don't know about you guys, but that's always read as cheap to me. It never actually reads as corduroy and looks and feels terrible. I was already bummed that these pants were made out of that fabric before I bought them, and they did not disappoint, just gross. The outfit also comes with two accessories, a watch, and a wallet. Both made from gray plastic, although two different tones of gray plastic. The watch is more of a shiny plastic than the wallet. I actually do like thee watch. It's a simple plastic piece with lots of molded on elements (no face though). It's shaped into an oval to fit on Ken's wrist. Joe's wrists are circular, but it still fits on him. The wallet is of interesting design. It actually opens with a latch, but is hard to open (insert ken being cheap joke here). It has nice molded details on the front with a buckle and some circle design... It also has a handle on the back so Ken can actually hold it. It's a nice touch, but makes the wallet much thicker. It would never fit into a doll pocket (this outfit doesn't have pockets however). So that design feature does limit it's uses. And finally the shoes for the outfit. They're a pair of dress shoes, made out of semi-flexible blue plastic. They actually painted the laces white to make them stand out some, although there's no tied laces visible, weird. There's actually a cute feature molded onto them, if you flip them over there's the Ken logo molded in on the bottoms. I don't know how long they've been doing that. I haven't bought new Ken shoes for a while. They're too small for Joe's feet, they're actually too thin at the toes for him to get his foot in. I tried them on a vintage Ken, and a more modern Ken and they do fit, but they look a little big on vintage, and a little tight on modern Ken. Has his feet really changed that much?

I also got a second Ken fashion at Walmart. Originally I was going to get the Plaid tuxedo, but after seeing it in person I decided that it was tacky and really would not work in the collection, so instead I picked up the other fashion they had. It's a summer outfit, apparently called "Sightseeing in the Sun". What really sold me on it was the accessories that came with it.The shirt in this outfit is a striped tank top, with green trim at the neckline and sleeves. It also opens fully in the back. I actually kind of really like the shirt. It's not my usual tastes, but it's nice and colorful and something that an actual guy would wear. And it's made very well. I would even wear something like this personally. They even used the same fabric in the back as in the front! Barbie can't even get that. The pants are nice too. They're a dark blue cotton (I think), meant to look like jeans. They have yellow stitching and close in the back with Velcro. They're not as fancy as the jeans from the Barbie Basic line, but they are a nice, simple, versatile pair of pants. Can't go wrong with a good pair of jeans. Sadly, Joe can't wear any of the pants decently, with his current body his crotch is much too low to wear them. I can sort of get them on him, but they look rather lewd. I'm still planning on getting him a new body, but then I think the pants will be too small for him then, but someone else can wear these pants. For the accessories first up we have a pair of glasses. They look like aviator sunglasses, but the lenses are clear. Made of plastic and with the Ken logo on one of the arms, they are rather cool. It was one of the reasons why I decided to get this outfit. Sadly they are a bit over sized on Joe. I assumed it was because Ken had a bigger head than Joe, but I saw someone post a picture with a new Ken wearing them. They were just as big on his head as they were on Joe's. I guess they were designed to be over sized. The other accessory was a hat. The hat was a huge draw to me, since I don't make hats, I'm always tempted by a decent hat. It's plastic, molded to look like straw with a blue band. It's actually really nice, and fit's Joe really well. For shoes this outfit was given a pair of navy blue plastic loafers. No paint on them, but they too have the molded Ken logo on the bottom. I really like a lot of the pieces of this outfit, just not together. I saw someone comment on the picture that this outfit looks like something that a Hipster would wear, and I totally agree. I'm not a fan of the Hipster philosophy, and I wouldn't want my dolls dressing like them. But there's a lot of strong pieces here that could really work for different outfit, except the glasses. I wish they weren't so over sized!
But that's not all I got today (I was so bad today!). I also hit up Big Lots. I heard that they had several Barbie Collectable dolls on sale. And they did, they had some of the basics, and some of the vintage inspired Wizard of Oz dolls. I liked the Wizard of Oz dolls, mainly the Wicked Witch of the West, but they were 20 dollars, and couldn't get them if you added taxes. Plus, I don't do well with reproduction dolls, even if they are green. I also ignored the basics dolls. I've decided that they aren't something that I want to pursue. I do not care for the Model Muse body at all, no matter male or female. If they start using some of the face molds and clothing with Fashionista bodies, then we might be talking. Instead I was interested in the news that they had some of the Barbie Basic accessory packs for eight dollars. And they did. They had three separate ones, but I could only afford two. So I agonized over the decision for hours... and days.... and months. Standing there in the store, just staring at the packs trying to decide. Kidding! It was an easy choice.The first one was a no brainer. It was the Ken accessory pack. I've been wanting this pack for a while now, but wasn't willing to pay the 15 dollars or more for it. But now was my chance, so I quickly snagged it. There's a lot of stuff in these little boxes! I'll start off with the shirt. It was one of the reasons why I wanted it. It's a nice button down black long sleeve shirt. It's really well made, closing in the front with a solo snap. It even have buttons on the shirt cuffs, it's just really well made. It fits Joe well, so it should fit a variety of Kens, although I did see some pulling on the snap when Joe was wearing it. I think it just not sitting as it should have been. Also included was a pair of black socks. I could not even get them on Joe's foot. I tried them on a vintage Ken, and they did fit him, but they were very tight. I don't think they'll last very long if you keep putting them on and taking them off a doll. But that's not an issue with me, they actually fit Charlotte pretty well. They're just a little loose in the ankle on her, otherwise they fit perfectly. So I gave them to her, now she has a pair of knee socks in white and one in back. There was also a hat in the package. It's a grey knit ski mask that certain celebrities have a habit of wearing all the time (CoughAshtonKutchercough). It's cute, but not the style my collection wears, but it would be nice for winter gear, or if someone was a classic robber, so I do think it has it's uses. Also in terms of clothing there were two belts. One made of fake leather with a silver buckle, and one made of red and blue ribbon and uses two metal circles as a buckle. I never thought about doing something like that for buckles. I could totally use some of my jewelry findings for something like this. They're cute belts, and I do like how they work, but Ken rarely needs a belt. For smaller accessories we have a simple fake cardboard magazine (thank you but no.), a black plastic watch with a silver square face (and again no actual face design), a "chrome" smartphone (with a sticker giving it a face), and a pair of sunglasses (gray plastic wraparound frames). All cute little touches, except I could have done without the magazine. (I just noticed his glasses actually have molded on nose pieces!) And finally we reach the shoes. One of the main reasons why I wanted to buy this package. More shoes! First up we have a pair of coverse type black sneakers, just not the typical high top versions. They're cute, but really small. They're the shortest shoe of all four pairs. The paint isn't applied the best, but they are still cute. There was no way Joe's foot was going to fit into these. After that we have a pair of white sneakers. These are the longest pair in the bunch, and fit Joe! Well, just barely. The paint application on these are much better than the black pair. These I like, a lot. Also in the pack is a pair of black loafers. These are cool with a European flair. I like them, but they don't really work for vintage dolls. Oh well. And finally we have a pair of gray monk boots with black soles. One of mine is a little warped from being improperly packaged, but I'm sure a quick dunk in boiling water will fix it. I really hope Joe's new body can fit these new shoes, I'd love to build him a wardrobe around them. I really liked this pack and it was such a great deal to get it for eight dollars. It's best for the modern clothing, not many options for the vintage set, but there's some solid accessory options here that will work for a variety of styles.
And finally I got a Barbie accessory set. Look #1 from collection 2. They also had a tan colored set, but I liked this one better, so it came home with me. First up we have the "leather" jacket. It's really cool, and that zipper actually works. It's a nice shiny pleather jacket with knit cuffs. I immediately set it aside for Charlotte, how I do spoil her. Also included was this yellow graphic print bag. Again, very cute, but not sure what I'm going to do with a bag with Barbie written all over it in different fonts. It's made from a very fray happy fabric, so I'm going to have to be careful about not putting any stress on it. I could totally see a seam giving out on it! And finally in terms of things made of fabric we have this yellow "leather" belt. It's super skinny! It's cute and I do like it (yellow is my favorite color), but it's made of that fake leather that will crack over time. Also since it's so thin, I'm going to have to make sure I don't pull it too tight or else it might break on me! I was using it earlier today on a black knit dress, it does give a nice pop of color. Now onto the accessories (I know the whole thing is technically accessories). Barbie also gets her own fake magazine from cardboard. Hers has Top Model Barbie on it, I guess that's somewhat fitting. She also got two chunky plastic bracelets, one in yellow and one in purple. These are exactly like the ones that came with "My Melody" Steffie, just in different colors. They do make nice mod bracelets. I don't think I have anyone who needs them at the moment. Barbie also got a pair of sunglasses. Made from the same gray plastic as Ken's. Hers are more square, and without any nose pieces. The arms on hers are more rounded to go around her ears than Ken's are. It's weird how different the two are when they're both basically simple sunglasses. And now onto the shoes, you know how I love me some Barbie shoes. Our first pair are these black gladiator bondage heels. They're totally not my style, but I actually like them. They fit Charlotte well. Doubt I have much that goes with them, but they're still cool to have. Next we have a pair of shoes that I'm shocked that I like. They're the purple short booties. When I first saw this sculpt I really disliked it. I hate short boots, they just seem so stupid in concept. But I actually like these. They're sort of something that a modern sassy witch would wear. If only I had them last Halloween! Modern Circle would have totally rocked these. I doubt anyone will wear them full time, but they're fun costume shoes. After that we have a pair of those new pumps that Mattel started using recently. They're very 50's looking, and I really really like them. They look wonderful on both the Silkstones and other modern dolls. I have a pair in black and one in Zebra print from the shoe pack. The new ones are yellow, which is great since I need a pair of vintage looking yellow shoes for an costume idea I've been thinking of for a while. These were one of the reasons why I picked this accessory pack over the other one. Love these shoes! Another pair of shoes are these gray matte slingbacks. I have several of these types already just in different colors. They're a nice dressy shoe. These actually have the buckle on the side colored yellow. They would really work well with Vanessa's gray suit... if she was still wearing it. There was quite a variety of shoes in this pack, not everything is dressy, also included are these black converse type shoes. They're cute, but the paint application isn't the best on one of them. A cool thing to note about these is that they don't fit like normal flat shoes on Barbie's high heeled foot. Usually her toes go all the way into the shoes and it looks like she's standing on her tippy toes while in flats, but with these her foot doesn't go all the way in. So she's actually only reaching the middle of the shoe with her feet, so it gives the appearance she has flat feet. Different, right? And finally we have these spiked heels, made from a modified high heeled Mary Jane that I like so much. These are oddly big, and are easy to wiggle around on Charlotte's foot. The pant application is a little sloppy, but they still look pretty cool. Whew, that's everything. Again, really happy that I got this pack. Not a whole lot to use at the moment, but these are a lot of different shoe molds that I didn't have before.
So all in all, a very expensive day. But still a good one, I really think I'm actually going to use a lot of what I purchased.
Yay shoes!

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