Wednesday, December 28, 2011

There's got to be a morning after,

First off, today was a much better day than yesterday, emotionally speaking. I was afraid I'd continue being in a foul mood, but this morning when I work up, I just felt better. Might have helped that I had a decent night's sleep, and the fact that the sun was out. Not a cloud in sight, yesterday had been full of black clouds, both literal and imaginary.
I was even motivated enough to pull something else out of the unfinished project box and work on it. It's a recent addition. Do you remember me talking about remaking the short jacket that my Brunette Ponytail is wearing? I was trying to see if I could make an inset collar. It didn't work out at the time, and I quickly grew disenchanted with it and it ended up in the box. Today I sat down with it again, and worked with it. I really played around with how to set it in, in order to make it even, and not have a rippled collar. I went cross eyed a couple times, but I managed to get the collar set in without too much of a ripple going on. I made some real progress with it, but haven't finished it yet. Because...
I went out today! I know, I just went out the other day, but had been forced to forgo going to two of the three second hand stores (they were closed on the 26th). And yes, I know this counts as an addiction, and no, I'm not willing to get help for it yet. First up was the Salvation Army. Not a whole lot there, but it looked like they were doing a restock while we were there. I didn't find a lot of interest, but I managed to pick up a few things. Their Christmas section was half off, so I checked out that shelf. I managed to find a small Christmas frame for fifty cents. (But that's not for me). I also found this... Christmas bell craft thing. It was huge and tacky, and partially broken. But I bought it, not because I wanted the bell, but because I really liked the red flowered fabric. I plan on taking it apart for that fabric. Also I need some stuffing material, and I can get that from this as well. I got that for a dollar. I also picked up a puzzle book, but that wasn't for me, that was for my Mom. She asked me a few days ago if I saw one in my travels to pick it up for her, I said I would, but I rarely see those, but I did today. Must have been one of those fate things. It was totally unused, and looked like it had a variety of puzzles in it, so I knew she'd like that. And for our final purchase there I got a pair of panty hose! Because I hear it slims legs and makes them look longer, and I want longer slimmer legs. Just kidding, it's for Barbie! I've been on the lookout for some tights material. I've been making fake tights out of jersey knit, and while that works for some applications sometimes it's a bit too thick. Hopefully I can use these to make some thinner leggings. Although I will say I'm a little worried that this won't be an easy fabric to work with. I'm going to have to build my confidence a little before I'm willing to cut into it.
I also hit up the Christian Second Hand store. They were having a half off everything in the store sale, which would have been wonderful had they had much of anything. The toy section had been picked clean, barely anything left that was interesting, even at half off. I found a couple fabrics that I liked, but I talked myself out of several of them. I was just getting them because they were cheap, and I don't need to waste money like that. There was one fabric that I didn't put back, it was this silver metallic fabric. It was amazing, I would never put that one back, even if forced. It's solid silver, about a yard. It's just amazing. This is the kind of metallic fabric I wish Hobby Lobby sold. It's just so much better than that lame fabric. No plans for this yet, but now that I have it the wheels are turning. I just hope that the sewing machine likes this fabric better, it had a habit of eating and ruining the lame compared to sewing it. Only time will tell. But I will hand sew this fabric if need be!
After I put back all the fabric I decided against I made a rash choice. I bought this children's sewing box. Odd enough this wasn't the first time something like this was at this store, or the first time I bought it. Way back when we started going there I found a bag with parts from a set just like this one. That's how I got my little pair of scissors, my plastic measuring tape, my first thimble, the start of my straight pins, and a hanger that Charlotte's pea coat is on. It had some of the fabric from the box, but it was all hacked up, and missing everything else. This new one was still in the box, but everything was just a jumbled mess in it. It's been there for a few weeks, and I baulked at the six dollar price tag, but it looked much more tempting at three. I figured that from what I could see, a lot more of it was there, and even the scissors were worth three dollars, so I bought it, hoping my gamble would pay off.
Well, want to hear something ironic? The scissors were the only thing missing from the box. It looks like the child who got this box, opened it, played with it for an hour, then got bored, packed it away and never played with it again. Most of the fabrics have been used a little bit, but they're mostly there. The dress form is unfortunate, it's much too large for Barbie. Honestly, it might be Joe sized, at least in the torso. So I'd say the entire box is a toss up. I'm not able to use the dress form, or the dress it came with (no loss there, it's ugly), or the non-existent scissors, but I can put to use the thread, straight pins, the fabric, and some of the other stuff. And it came with the hanger, so I've got another one of those! So I'd say it was a decent buy at three dollars, but not that good if I had paid six.
Hopefully I can put what I got to use soon, and prove that it was worth buying.
But that will have to wait for another day.

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