Friday, December 16, 2011

Updates people, Updates!

I started off my morning by helping my father cut pallets. We burn them in the winter to keep heating costs low(er). Since it's been warm this winter we haven't had to use any yet. But last week's cool down showed that winter isn't always going to be that warm, so it was time to start preparing. We still had some wood from last year, but certainly not enough to last the entire winter. My father's been collecting pallets, but we hadn't cut any yet this year. So today we started on it. For about two and a half hours I helped him turn 12 pallets into burnable wood piles. It's exhausting work with lots of lifting, lugging, pushing, and pulling. My lower back is already sore from it. And I managed to hurt myself a couple times while out there. But it's done, this time anyway. I'm sure that we will cut more pallets soon, but the next time I'm not doing it. It'll be my brother's turn since he didn't help this time, so I'm tagging out.
I also did some sewing today even though I'm fatigued from pallet work. It started when I was looking at that dress and shirt that I made for Malibu Stacy. I started trying it on other people to see how I liked the look. Ashley happened to be there still wearing that failed dress I made for her... So I took that off her and tried this new dress on her. And I really liked how it looked. I would be perfect for her Christmas outfit if made from holiday appropriate fabrics. Again I'm trotting out the red velvet. Did you know that I'm making five new dresses for the dolls on that shelf and four of them use this velvet? So far Charlotte's the only one not using it. It's been a very popular fabric this season. I know I could use a different fabric if I wanted to, but there's another reason why I want to use the velvet, becasue I already have it started. Back when I was making Charlotte's first Christmas outfit (which eventually went to Mary Clair) I made a princess seamed dress in the velvet. It ended up being too long, but instead of cutting it down, I ended up just remaking it. It was easier that way. So I still had the original dress kicking around, and I could use it for this application, just with some tweaks. I started with taking most of the dress apart. I needed to re-cut the length and the new neckline. I was able to keep the original arm hole hems. So I sewed it up again. After that I turned my attention to the shirt. Sadly this means Stacy lost her shirt. I'm going to have to make her another one (I was planning on that already). I ended up adding some back darts since the fit was off weirdly on Ashley. I managed to get the shirt totally finished, even though I had to sew one snap on twice. (I hate when that happens!) I also added a red bow on the shirt at the collar. I just tacked the bow down since I do plan on reusing the shirt and not always with something red. I made great strides on the jumper too. All it needs now is another snap, and some work in the back. Like usual you guys will get a picture when it's done, whenever I get a chance to finish it. And I promise I will finish this one, I like it much more than the other dress. It just seems more in tune to who she is as a character. I think it's something she'd actually wear. Just wait, it's cute.
I also managed to get some Christmas shopping in today. I'm so behind it's not even funny. Today I ordered my brother's present. It's a bug in clear plastic key chain. He has a small collection of those, so I get him them from time to time (it may be why he has a small collection). The reason why I was so late in getting him one was because I was trying to find him the most interesting one. Today I made myself sit down and order one. I know we're doing Christmas late, but it's not that late. Since most of them come from overseas I needed to get it now, in order to get it any time near the 7th. I ended up picking this bug that looks like it's got a human face on the back. Thought that was kind of cool. I got conformation from the seller, and it's already been shipped. I hope it gets here before Christmas, although if it doesn't, that's totally my fault!
Christmas is coming....

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