Friday, December 9, 2011

A very Merry Un-Birthday! To me? To me!

First of all, Happy Half-Birthday to me! I don't really celebrate it or anything, but the thought popped into my head tonight that that could be today. I looked it up online, and it is! (Who knew that you could find that out online.) If you're interested in finding yours and hate counting here's the website that I checked mine on; "When's my Half-Birthday?" Enjoy!

Had I know it was my Half-Birthday I would have celebrated. Instead I spend my morning with a bit of sewing. Nothing too groundbreaking, but I wanted to see if I could make an inset collar. I was looking at the little jacket I made for my Brunette Ponytail, it was cute, but I was wondering if I could make a version of it with an inset collar. So I tried, and it was okay... sort of. I made the inset collar and it was okay, just okay. But when I went to go to the next part of it, I stopped. I just didn't like how this new jacket compared to the original one. They should have been the same, but they weren't. The new jacket wasn't as cute as the original, so I stopped. It went into the unfinished project box. I wouldn't mind finishing it for another purpose, but I really can't think of any other use for a short vintage style jacket in that pattern. Maybe something will come to me in time, but for now it's set to anguish in the unfinished box. While I had the ponytail down from the shelf I washed her greasy face. I guess I need to do another round of face washes soon.
I also went out today. I originally was going to skip it, but got tempted into going. One of the stores on the agenda was Fred's (not sure who else has a Fred's, we certainly didn't have them up north). In their Christmas circular there was this clone doll called Vanessa for 3.50. She looked interesting, and since she wasn't a dollar she might be better quality than the super cheap blow mold ones elsewhere. And even if the doll wasn't what I wanted, maybe her shoes and clothes might be tempting. So I went... and I did not see a single Vanessa doll. I don't think she was sold out, I just don't think their stock accurately reflects their sales ads. I did see a clone doll that boasted "real glass like eyes!", they looked like cheap Liv doll eyes. She was almost nine dollars, and not at all tempting. The horseback riding doll did have nice boots, but not nine dollars nice. So that was a let down, but really, I kind of doubt that I would have gotten Vanessa had I actually found her. But I'd still like the option of deciding that for myself!
I made up for that disappointment at the next store though. It was the Christian Second Hand store. Turns out they were having a half off sale on their toys, which was music to my ears. Sadly, they didn't have all that much that I wanted, but I was still tempted enough to pick up a couple things. You might remember one of the last times I was there I picked up a couple small things that were scattered about, but ended up putting them back. Today I found a couple of other loose things I wanted. This time I got them. One of them was one of the things I picked up last time but put back. I couldn't find any of the other things from the last time, but I got the one I wanted the most. It's a purple Barbie suitcase. I already have this type in red, but just like shoes, you can never have enough suitcases. I like how it actually opens and isn't pink. It's only marked with a tasteful Barbie "B". I also picked up some cloth things, a small Kelly sized blanket, a blue terrycloth bathrobe from a Teen Skipper doll line (missing the ribbon tie), and the dress from a Birthday Barbie. I didn't really need any of these things, but since I was getting the suitcase I figured that I could get them as well. I also picked up a doll, but only for the outfit she was redressed in. She's one of those "Hip 2 be Square" dolls (I had the blonde one), that I didn't really care for the face mold. Apparently someone else wasn't a fan of her either since her feet and hands are all chewed up, and I learned this when I took her dress of, someone hammered her breasts with something that left a bunch of pock marks all over them. For some reason her head is fine, they didn't mess with that. Kids are weird (at least I hope it's a kid who did this!). I just bought her for blue holiday dress she was wearing. At home I realized that the dress wouldn't really work for anybody with the Belly Button body, it's much too big in the bust and small in the hips. But, it's not that big of a deal, vintage dolls can still wear it. It's on Charlotte in the picture, and the fit is pretty terrible, even with undergarments to help. I also checked for that fabric I left last time. I know I said that I was just getting it to get something, but I thought of a project that I wanted to use it for. Luckily they still had it, I couldn't find it at first, so I was worried that someone had bought it before I could, but it was still there. It had just gotten moved around some in the bin and away from sight, like it was waiting for me to come back for it! It's about 1.5 yards and 10 inches wide of this floral print. I really liked the scalloped edges on it. And finally I got one more thing at the store, another Barbie suitcase, but this one's different. It's actually a copy of the newer style rolling suitcases. It's got two fake zipper pockets on front with a molded on gold Barbie B. It has a latch on top to open in. Inside it's divided into two sections, a smaller one on top, I assume for shoes and such, and a slightly bigger one on the bottom for clothes. On the top there's a handle, and one my favorite features an adjustable pull handle like the real suitcases! It's seriously cute, and my favorite buy from there. I don't know if I missed it last time, with the handle down it just looks like a black box, but I'm glad I found it. I know that my move isn't going to happen for a while, but this is the perfect carrying case for all of Charlotte's shoes. (Boots can't fit though.) All of her flats, sneakers, and heels fit in it, and there's even room for a few more! Could you believe all this set me back under two dollars? That's a big old thumbs up from this cheapskate!
I also went to Hobby Lobby while out. Since my sock fiasco I'm still trying to figure out something to dress Ashley in for Christmas. Also it seems like they're getting new fabrics in, so I love seeing what they have that's new. I managed to find a couple things I wanted, shocking right? First up I hit up the Christmas fabric section. I was hoping for some kind of Christmas Jersey I could use to make a sweatshirt for Ashley, no luck, all they had was cotton fabric. I ended up picking up a half yard of this white holly berry print. I've seen it before (I think they sell it every year), in fact I passed up a small piece of it at the Christian Second hand store! It was only a small piece in a pile, and that was the only part I wanted, so it wasn't worth it. So I got a half yard of this fabric today, plenty of fabric for what I needed it for. Plus if I like it that much I can go back after Christmas and buy more (on a discount). I also found this bright green floral fabric. It really called to me. I'm thinking that it would work for my Canadian Exclusive Malibu Barbie. I really like bright greens on the Malibu dolls, it works really well with their skin tones. I just need to find an application for it. Also while I was there, I looked for the sock monkey fabric... and could not find it where I saw it earlier in the week. I panicked, they wouldn't have sold out of it that quickly would they? I did find it, a short distance from where it was last time, and now much less on the cardboard holder. I decided to get a half yard of that too, or miss my chance.
With those three fabrics I made my way to the cutting table, barely beating a woman there with a roll of batting. There was no employee there to cut it, so I rang the bell and waited... and waited... there was one of those awkward silences between us as we waited. Eventually I looked over to the woman standing near the bell, and hit it again. We then starting chatting, part of that awkward small talk I'm soooooo terrible at. She asked me what I was making, and I quickly replied Christmas Crafts. (I'm still not comfortable fessing up to making doll clothes.) Then I asked her what she was making, apparently she was making "Tater Bags". Has anyone heard of these? They're all cotton bags you can make to cook potatoes in a microwave. We got into a long discussion about them and she gave me a quick crash course on how to make them. I was sort of interested in them, but acted more interested in order to keep the conversation going. That way I didn't have to think up new topics. Finally the woman who works in fabric came back to her station. It wasn't her fault she wasn't there originally, they always have her working elsewhere doing restocking. I let the other woman get her batting cut out first. Partially because I was being polite, partially because I had some time to kill before my father came to pick me up, and partially because I wanted our conversation to be over. It's not that I didn't want to talk to her, I just have a hard time making small talk, especially since I'm so out of practice. She got her yard of batting cut and was on her way. I got my half yard cut out of each fabric. Mary (the woman working there) saw the Sock Monkey fabric and commented on it, apparently it's been a very popular fabric. I mentioned that I saw how popular it was and felt I should get some or lose my chance. She said they can still reorder more, so once it's out, they can get it again. Good to know, although I still haven't found a use for this purchase of it, much less getting it again. I quickly paid and left the store after that.
At home I did try to make a dress for Ashley this evening, but I messed up somewhere along the way. I ended up with a bodice that while fitted at the waist was huge in the bust. I'm going to have to start over again, and check the pattern to see if it's too big or something. Ironically it would have fit Ashley if she was on her original body, but not her current one!
Also, has anyone ever used a Tater Bag? I am a bit intrigued about making one...

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