Friday, December 16, 2011

What's in the Bag? Part One.

All right time to get to the stuff that was in the bag. I'm going to try to get this done quickly in short bursts so it's not hanging over my head for forever like usual.

First up we have some celebrities! We have an almost complete Brooke Shields doll up first. She's in really nice shape, with most of her original outfit. All that's missing is one of her boots. I don't think she got any play at all. She's probably the best condition doll from the bag. I'm thinking that after a nice bath and some hair fixing, I can resell her. I have no need for her, and I'd rather get rid of her than randomly keep her. Plus I might make some of my money back. Also in the bag was this Mego Cher head. Not too shocked she's without her body, Mego bodies are prone to melting and dissolving. Her hair's really frizzy and tangled. Not sure if that's fixable. Her eyelashes are missing a bit too. Honestly I'm thinking about offering to whomever wants her. I think her issues far out ways any actual value. I really don't plan on keeping her, she's so severe. Plus, not a huge Cher fan.
Also in the bag was a Sweet Sixteen Barbie. One of the reasons why I bought it. She's one of the dolls that I've been wanting to add to the collection. She's also one of the dolls in the bag that actually came with a torso. I say torso because that's all that it basically is. Both arms are gone, and she only has one leg. Her leg joints have some melting going on. She also has some mold going on on her face (this entire bag has been quarantined from the rest of the collection). It did come off with some water, so there's hope for her yet. Her hair and face paint are both in really great shape. I guess with a re-body she'd be a really great doll.
There was also some Sunshine Family pieces in the bag too, but just pieces. The heads to both Mr. and Mrs. Sunshine, both with nice hair (I think his eyes are a little melted), Mrs. Sunshine's Torso, and Mr. Sunshine's leg. Just an odd grouping of parts.
And speaking of odd groupings, here's an odd assortment of legs! They're mostly Barbie legs (I'm sure Sweet Sixteens other leg is in here), but there's a Ken leg in there too, as well as one that I don't know. It's smaller than the rest of them, jointed and made from darker plastic. Actually, I think that it's Big Jim's leg. Not sure why he's Big when he's actually smaller than Barbie. Most of these legs are in good condition, mostly dirty. There's one that's been colored with a marker, but the rest of them are fine. It's weird, most of them aren't broken, they're just loose in the bag. I guess if I need to do leg replacements, I have them now!
And finally for this post we have this pair of legs. No idea who they belonged to originally. Part of me thinks that it's Little Dollykins, but I really don't know. They're small (Like Barbie's sister Stacy small), unmarked, and super jointed. I've checked all of the random heads in the bag, and none of them would have had legs like that, so I'm really not sure where they're from. I wish someone knew who they belonged to, and needed them. I'd love to pass along them to someone who could actually use them.

So that's all from the first lot from the doll bag. Tomorrow I'll post another one. There really wasn't a whole lot in this bag, but certainly enough to make it cost effective for me. I'm just going to have to start cleaning everything, and finding bodies for a lot of them!

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