Saturday, December 17, 2011

What's in the Bag? Part Two.

All right, time for the second post about what was in that bag. (Trying to be quick about posting it!)

First up we have some doll heads, one of the main reasons why I purchased this bag. From what I know we have (from left to right) Free Movin' P.J. (With a bit of a haircut in front), Ballerina Barbie (Without her crown), Quick Curl Kelley, and Growing Up Skipper (with part of her neck knob still inside her head). They all need some hair help and bodies, but they are in good shape. No nips, bites, splits, or dings. Most of their hair is mussed, but looks uncut, except for the small spot on P.J.s head. It's like an instant 70's collection! (Minus Bodies) Also I've labeled them what I think they are, but I am no means an expert on 70's dolls. So if anybody notices someone isn't who I said they are, feel free to correct me.

Also from the 70's, there was a Dusty doll in the lot. I already have a Dusty, but she's headless waiting for her re-root. (Been like that for years actually) This lucky lady has all her hair, but also has the usual body melting Dusty typically has. She's actually melted into her dress. Luckily it's an unattractive home made number so I'm not upset about it. Not really sure what to do with her. I don't dislike Dusty, I kind of like her. I'm just a bit weary of her melting issues and the other dolls. Plus she actually has a bit of a bobble head. And I detest bobble heads!

Also in the bag were more doll heads! These are just not Barbie heads, they're much, much smaller than Barbie heads. They're Dawn sized, but not Dawn dolls. They're marked on the back of the head "Lensney 1973"(Hello eyestrain). I looked them up online and found a site that talk about them. Apparently they're from the company that made Matchbox cars. They're a line of dolls (smaller than Dawn) that was made from the 70's onward. I don't think they are that popular. They both look like they're in decent shape, but there's a start of a neck split in the blond.

Also in the bag, is a doll that I hope to eventually add to the collection, Mod Hair Ken. I don't have any mod Ken dolls, They're mostly vintage, then jump right to the solo Malibu doll. Ken here is almost in decent shape. It's just his leg joints have melted and broken off. But they're all still there, absolutely filthy but all there. I just need to find a replacement torso and he'd be all ready for display (after a bath of course). I guess I need to start trolling E-bay for him.

And finally, here's a mystery item from the bag. It's a pair of clone arms, and (I assume from the same doll) single leg. They're flexible rubber. The arms are solid, but the leg is hollow. There's also a wire going inside the leg. This allows the legs to bend. The other leg is missing, but wire is still all there. There was no torso or anything in the bag, and the only clone doll head in the bag wasn't a color match. I really like the hand mold on the arms, I just wish I knew who they belonged to so I could either find that doll, or find a home for them.

Part two finished! Stay tuned for part three!

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  1. The two Lesney heads are from Miss Matchbox dolls.