Friday, January 6, 2012

Boom! Headshot!

I'll start off with the bad news, I lost an E-bay auction today. Sniped again at the last minute. I won't share my problems with that auction "technique" since last time I did I got chastised. I keep telling myself that I really didn't have to have what I was bidding on, but on the flip side of that coin neither did the person who outbid me. It's not like I was bidding on a kidney or something, but moving on.
I was a bit blue after that happened. I did take off another part of Joe's outfit. Today I took off his vest. I should have done that a while ago, it wasn't finished and was held on with a safety pin, but last time I was using him as a fit model I left it on him and he's been wearing it for a couple weeks. But not anymore, I took it off him and put it back into the unfinished project box. After that I sort of didn't do much of anything. I was feeling pretty droopy, and since I really don't have a project to do at the moment, I wasn't feeling like doing much of anything.
I did however decide to look through that bag that I put all of the unfinished projects into. I still haven't tucked it away, so I decided that I wanted to sort through it again and see if there were still some projects that I didn't want to give up on just yet. I managed to pull out about ten or so projects that I felt could either be saved, used for something else, or taken apart. I made a couple small strides with a few of them. I managed to fully take apart a failed attempt at making a tulle tutu for Charlotte. Most of them I just played around with until I got bored and moved around to something new.
But I kept working with a couple of them to make some actual progress. One of those was a jacket. It's very similar to the one I just finished because it's the first one of these I made. It was my first attempt at making this short jacket for the brunette ponytail way back when. It ended up being really tight on her, so I ended up redoing it after I re-sized the pattern. That left me with this jacket that I didn't have much use for. Today I ended up basically taking it apart and redoing all of it. The only sewing that's left from the original is the back hem. I even managed to do another inset collar. Took a little work, but I managed to finish it today. Charlotte can wear it (originally I wondered if it was even going to fit her, if it didn't it was going to go to Momoko), but it's rather tight. This wouldn't fit on the vintage girls, which is weird since the pattern was made for that body type. I guess it'll be just for the smaller busted girls.
I wasn't finished with that. I also ended up fishing out a matching dress from the pile. Again I believe that this was the first attempt at dressing the brunette ponytail, except this is the dress and not the jacket. For some reason when I first made the dress I ended up choosing the wrong sized skirt. It was much too short and much too tight. I guess I decided that it was easier to remake the dress than take off the original skirt (I guess I could check the original blog posts about this if I was really that interested in it). I wasn't happy with the original dress, but I still kept it. Today I started off with taking off the original skirt. The bodice fit Charlotte fine, it was the skirt that was messing the whole look up. I ended up cutting another skirt from the fabric, this time choosing a full skirt instead of a straight skirt. Really, there's no point replicating the exact same outfit, might as well make it a bit different. I had some issues with the skirt not being even, but that was the only problem I had with it. Overall it went together pretty easily. I got the entire dress finished today. Snaps and all. It looks really great with the coat over it.
While it is cute, I don't have much use for it. It's for the belly button body, and right now there's only nine people in the collection that use that body, and they are all dressed and this isn't really their style. I don't even plan on keeping it out for Charlotte. Into the spares bag it goes. At least it gets it's moment in the sun on the blog. It does look really good on the dress form. (P.S. How awesome are those dress forms? I would kill for an army of them, they make my clothes look so professional.)
For the item from the bag for today we have another head. This is Growing Up Skipper's head from the 70's. Fun fact, the plastic they used on this head was hard plastic. Meaning the first thing I had to do was boil the head in order to remove the broken neck knob that was still inside. After that it was just a simple wash and a brush. I'm not really sure about this, but Skipper may have had a hair cut. The sides of her hair are much shorter than the back. But the weird thing it, it's both sides, and they're both even. I tried looking up online how her hair should look, but sometimes it looked like it was all supposed to be the same length, but other pictures I found made it look like it was similar to the one I had. Not really sure about that. I'll have to do more research.

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